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Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Why is ItsDeductible being discontinued? People really depend on it and you're going to dump everyone October 2022?? Please don't do this, please keep ItsDeductible going. 

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Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Hi all,


As some of you may have heard, ItsDeductible will be staying! 

We heard your valuable feedback and we are happy to announce that we have revised our decision and will continue to support ItsDeductible next year.  Customers' accounts and the data in them will continue to be available without interruption.  You could take a look at our updated article here


Thank you, 

TurboTax & Mint Community Team

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Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

MINT is a valid option given ... since fewer folks have been itemizing the cost to keep up the FREE  service is not worth it as the amount of users have dwindled ... mint is a viable alternative so check it out.  



Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

I agree with @Critter-3; try Mint. You can sign up at the link below.



Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Maybe I'm missing something, but Mint says that it will categorize MONETARY contributions? Is there somewhere within Mint that will replicate the functions that itsdeductible had for listing and valuing donations of household items, clothing, etc. etc ?

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Good question. From what I can tell this function doesn't exist on Mint and there aren't any good alternatives to ItsDeductible. 

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

@curtisby wrote:

Good question. From what I can tell this function doesn't exist on Mint and there aren't any good alternatives to ItsDeductible. 

Just keep your own list.


When you file your tax return, you may list all the non-cash donations on the same day under one listing, "used household items" for example, with a value you set yourself.  


You always need your own itemized list of your item donations that contains enough detail to allow you to set a value (item description, condition, date purchased, date donated).  A printout from ItsDeductible has sometimes been rejected by auditors, according to previous complaints on this forum.   Auditors have not always accepted ItsDeductible's "nationwide" values as fair values for a taxpayer's specific location.  It depends on whether the auditor believes you actually donated the items in the ItsDeductible printout, and whether the values are really fair for your local marketplace.


As a taxpayer, you are better off keeping your own itemized list, and keeping documents showing how you determined value for your actual items (such as comparison shopping at thrift stores or Facebook marketplace).  Even if it is less convenient. 

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

I can't itemize anymore, but what I've done in the past is when I get ready to donate the clothing/household items, I would lay them out on the bed or on the car trunk in groups of 5-6 items and take a photo and kept the photos with my tax files for that year.  


When I dropped off my items at a thrift store receiving area,  I would walk through the thrift shop retail store with my list to see what representative shirts, pants, belts, household goods, etc. were selling for.

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message. My practice for the past several years is to keep an itemized list and to often (but not always) take pictures of the items, but I liked getting input from itsdeductible about values of the items I was donating. In other words, I was keeping an itemized list but relying on itsdeductible to help show how I determined the value.


Unlike the experiences of some that you cited, I have not had any questions about valuations of the items I had listed. I also liked that once items were entered into itsdeductible, they were automatically uploaded into my tax return. Yes, I can enter all of this stuff on my spreadsheets and again on Schedule A myself but it's not as convenient and I will miss having a product with access to a nationwide group of donors helping me to value the items.


For these reasons, I don't consider Mint a viable option for me.

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Well It's Deductible is  most certainly shutting  down  so  what you do in the future is up to you.

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

So given there is no email support, how do we tell Turbotax that their timeline for sunsetting Its Deductible is not fair to the consumer? Will they read the message boards? 


1.) They opened 2022 for use without notifying anyone in 2021 that we can't use it the whole year 2022.  

2.) Surprised us all with an end date of October 2022, yet we can still input to that date. Makes no sense.

3.) This was clearly an executive decision who probably doesn't even use the product. (and I'm sure that exec has someone else do their taxes for them. )

4.) To be fair, since TT wants to end Its Deductible, they should allow users to use it for the remainder of 2022, and then allow access through April 15th, 2023 (Fed tax date). That'll give users enough time to finish what they started in 2022, and hopefully find a better solution than Mint for itemized donations. 

5.) Open up new capabilities in Mint which allow for easy itemization of items, and not just monetary. 

6.) Sorry but I don't have time to spend hours in the thrift store, looking at price lists or on ebay looking at prices on shoes and clothes, to make sure I have the right $ value. 


I pay for Turbotax already, so I'd like to continue using a sister product for my itemized "item" donations. 

I keep my own handwritten lists/pics/tax receipts backup. I like using Its Deductible for keeping track of the $dollar amount that I can put on taxes. 

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

The October 17, 2022 date is most likely to accommodate those who filed extensions for the 2021 tax year.

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

I see no one has posted this FAQ on it.  Read this for more info.

It's Deductible is being discontinued June 2022, see

How do I export my data from ItsDeductible?

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

I don't see anything about June in that FAQ post. October is bolded, maybe they changed it. 


Why did they bother to open 2022 at all and leave us hanging mid-year?

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

Oh, they must have pushed the date out to October.  It used to say June.

Itsdeductible being discontinued.. WHAT???

@TaxesWhyMe wrote:

Why did they bother to open 2022 at all and leave us hanging mid-year?

Some users file extensions each tax year.

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