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I would like to know how TurboTax think they do not share the blame in this mess considering they created accounts to receive their payment from your return. I received my 1st stimulus check with NO problem. WE DO NOT want to hear it was the IRS erro... read more
AF54 ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by LindseyLO
evh364 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 11 hours ago by CatinaT1
I'm using TurboTax 2020 Deluxe from CD on my desktop. I had two stock sales last year. I entered sales price and cost basis in dollars and cents as my 1099-B shows. I've done it this way for years. When I run Smart Check, TurboTax says that I have an... read more
starbase1999 ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post 15 hours ago by Hapa
The IRS recently began issuing a second round of stimulus payments to those eligible. Unfortunately, because of an IRS error, millions of payments were sent to the wrong accounts and some may not have received their stimulus payment. We have been wor... read more
beaton50 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by Cass0317
I filed my taxes last year and used the refund to pay for the service, and like many others I'm stuck in limbo regarding the second stimulus payments. If I read all of this correctly, the IRS would have sent payment to TurboTax like they did for my r... read more
jag911 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post Friday by Uhrick
I am seeing alot of people saying that if we used turbo tax to file our taxes last year,that we will not be getting our 2nd stimulus checks direct deposited bc of Santa Barbara Bank.That they are being rejected and now we will have to wait on a paper... read more
Jessdawn085 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post Wednesday by Michelle1369
@VolvoGirl @Critter-3 @xmasbaby0 @Hal_Al @Mike9241 @DoninGA @macuser_22 @Opus 17 The IRS is making progress! They posted a new draft 1040 instruction booklet and the EIP reconciliation form is updated to reflect the 2nd stimulus payment. https://www.... read more
NCperson ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by Opus 17
There is some text on the site that clarifies this, but the Turbo tax system still encourages me not to submit my charitable deductions when taking a standard deduction, even though the CARES Act allows for $300 for those who take the standard deduct... read more
bmatty ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post Friday by hundie6369
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