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Recently Apple released a savings account that is backed by Goldman Sachs Bank USA. While Inuit Mint has a integration to Apple Card (which doesn't update in real time but that's a different topic), it would be great to have an integration built to t... read more
jmcfadden9416 ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post Wednesday by Cddirks
I have manually downloaded updates. I have deleted and reinstalled. Still can't efile. I tried just efiling federal and get a error 54 code. Tried efiling federal and state (AZ) and get loop around asking for the same verification. Please help
MarthaR ‎Posted Saturday | Latest post 11 hours ago by MarthaR
Hey TurboTax, We need a new patch now that will actually work to resolve the failed validation error code 54 and allow us to e-file. We've tried your last patch (manually as instructed) and it did not help! When will this be fixed? I noticed in Intui... read more
diycpa ‎Posted Wednesday | Latest post 11 hours ago by diycpa
Out of nowhere came a check from the treasury with a refund. I must have overpaid my taxes. How can that be? Did turbotax make an error? There is no additional paperwork, just a check. How would I ever find out what went wrong in my favor?Thanks!
mren ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by VolvoGirl
My wife had an FSA in 2022, while I had an HSA (under separate providers). We learned that this isn't allowed according to IRS rules. Due to this discovery, I've had to go through the excess withdrawal process and remove all my contributions to my HS... read more
MintWait8 ‎Posted 56m ago | Latest post 2m ago by Critter-3
Hi! Background:- California resident & US citizen- 1099 contractor & have a CA Single Member LLC- Plan to relocate family and myself to Spain on the Digital Nomad Visa- Still trying to decide what's better - keeping the CA LLC or closing it down- Pla... read more
danirami89 ‎Posted an hour ago
luye4504 ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post an hour ago by DoninGA
I already submitted my 2022 taxes, but installed the system in that year. Can I submit the form some how still for 2022 or can I submit it next year?
jdw249 ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post an hour ago by DoninGA
We have recently sold my 90 year old mother's mobile home in January. She spent time in nursing homes but is now residing with my brother.Her only income at the moment is Social Security and USPS Survivor benefit amounting to $2275/month.We sold her ... read more
d-coulombe ‎Posted 2 hours ago
Once I electronically filed my returns this past April, I, regrettably, chose to pay by mail. When sending a payment to the IRS by mail, should I send both a federal and state payment separately? Or, do I place the combined amount on a cashier's chec... read more
Anotherhoop ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by xmasbaby0
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