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Completed federal tax return and when I tried to continue on with the Alabama return, it would not let me onto that portion of the program. I went further and it said that I had to pay for the state download, so I did: $44.99 + $4.27 in sales tax. St... read more
LaRue1952 ‎Posted Monday
Hi, I am in a bit of a complicated situation and I would like to understand this so that I can use TT H&B more effectively. I am married and in the process of filing jointly. I lived in MA till August of 2019, after which I moved to MO in September. ... read more
Primaniac ‎Posted Friday | Latest post Friday by Primaniac
Hi community, I had AABA shares and received cash liquidation reported in 2019 1099-DIV box 9. Based on the relevant threads here, this cash liquidation is partial as there will be distributions in 2nd half of 2020 and 2022. I also sold all AABA shar... read more
EclatC ‎Posted a week ago
For July 15 deadline, I'll need to pay the estimated taxes for following two quarters:First quarter: formerly due on April 15Second quarter: formerly due on June 15My question is that should I1)Fill two separate Payment Voucher forms and write two se... read more
idnwtty24 ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by Gary Hooks
Hello-My California form 540 looks like it is not computing my mortgage interest adjustment correctly. I am well under the federal limit of $1,000,000. It looks like the problem is relating to the fact that my home loan that was refinanced (showing i... read more
Joanne13 ‎Posted a week ago
I have several rental properties that I have to aggregate under the QBI Safe Harbor allowance, since this is the only way for me to satisfy the record-keeping requirements as I don't spend enough time on each property by itself. However, when I do my... read more
honem ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by honem
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