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Hi everyone,I started working as self-employed in February 2024 with an income above the minimum payment threshold. Before this, I had no income in 2023. I recently got my Green Card, and this will be my first year filing any taxes in the US. I just ... read more
AndyRubyRei ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by pk
DrVirginia ‎Posted an hour ago | Latest post 32m ago by DoninGA
My sibling and I inherited our parents home when our mom passed away in 2019. My sibling has lived in the home all of her life and continued to live in the home after our mom’s passing. We started the probate process in 2022 to transfer the deed eith... read more
Sewflo08 ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 29m ago by tagteam
I have a W-2 income and own an LLC (pass-through taxation) and a C Corporation (not pass-through). If my LLC pays my C Corporation for services rendered, will that lower my overall taxes by reducing my LLC + personal income which is taxed at ~38% but... read more
se5u ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post 5 hours ago by Mike9241
season2424 ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by mesquitebean
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