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Holy smokes, I can't believe Intuit removed this feature. It was a tremendous value add to see the taxes due/refund in realtime. Product Managers: I don't need a running clock of time spent in your product, I need to know how much I owe the gov't in ... read more
ewgrose ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by mgarry3416
I have been looking for a way to file for an extension (personal tax return) from within the Turbotax Deluxe Edition, desktop version, for a greater length of time than I would like to admit. Am I delusional? Should I order a fresh set of printer ink... read more
iDas ‎Posted Tuesday | Latest post yesterday by PaulaM
Hi - I submitted my taxes for e-filing and immediately got an error message "Oops - an issue occurred. Please check back shortly." Within about 30 minutes, the status was updated from pending to accepted and I received an email from TurboTax telling ... read more
lilli2 ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post yesterday by Stovo Ken
Dear Intuit,You've been pretty awful at filing extensions for a very long time (finally in the past few years at least the "extension" appears in the list of items on the home page, rather than buried 4-5 non-intuitive menus deep). I know the master ... read more
SDSoCal ‎Posted Thursday | Latest post yesterday by sg312
The 20% discount did not work. I was told I should have had an expert help me. You shouldn't need an expert when you click a link provided by the servicer. I was not going to wait for an expert when trying to get my taxes done. BTW TurboTax has a rep... read more
Gould1991 ‎Posted Tuesday | Latest post yesterday by Nikeboi09
Hi Tax Experts, My Federal and NY state returns were rejected after passing all turbotax checks. The error code is: FED_NeedK-1_with8283_TTO_Only. Turbotax states the following explanation: Description of error:There is a potential issue with the cal... read more
tired_of_taxes ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by tired_of_taxes
I've come across many posts with the same issue. But there has been no clear answer yet. TY 2021 had no capital loss carryover. I only have a schedule D form. No Schedule D for AMT. I tried to "amend" the TY2021 returns to force it to generate Schedu... read more
vjupally ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by DawnC
I just got efile rejection due to a typo on the Federal tax ID on a pension 1099 an hour + ago. I corrected that and then realized I needed to correct an interest payment from IRS and had overlooked 1098-T statements for both my wife and me. I made t... read more
mkbca ‎Posted Sunday | Latest post Sunday by mkbca
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