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I need help choosing what asset type to choose from the new list in 2020. There are 23 options where there used to be 2. None of them are for a home office. I think it could be "H-Land Improvement" , "I-Residential Rental Real Estate" or "J5-Qualifie... read more
graphicsinbloom- ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post Saturday by graphicsinbloom-
10+ years on ttax. When I go to enter the rental and royalty info in the income tab, ttax always has the same question and doesn't remember the answer, "Are you a real estate professional?" Does anyone else observe this? Any recommended workarounds? ... read more
taxanaut ‎Posted Friday | Latest post Saturday by taxanaut
Trying to complete my taxes and can't because TurboTax decided to close out state efile as of Oct 15 2021, instead of Oct 16 2021. Awesome!!!
patelug ‎Posted Friday | Latest post Saturday by Mike9241
AZ Extension is automatic when file federal extension and was not required to send in more. I think I had the same problem for a number of years. For 2019 I had to file by mail so I could check the box. A few years ago I e-filed and was sent a delinq... read more
davephx ‎Posted 2 weeks ago
Hello TurboTax users! Did you know that Ask the Experts Day is coming up on September 30, 2021 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time? This time we’ll be answering all of your refund questions like, What are the implications of changing jobs? How will my new r... read more
Community Manager ‎Posted 3 weeks ago
Is it illegal for someone to claim an ex spouse as their sister? Then a few years down the line have a different family member claim them as something else? What should be done to correct this?
dfrazier227 ‎Posted 4 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by dfrazier227
I received a letter asking for my original return. They cannot process my amended return until they receive the original and they have not received it and I cannot access it on TurboTax. Please help
Rosemarie2101 ‎Posted 4 hours ago | Latest post 4 hours ago by xmasbaby0
Bdfikes ‎Posted 5 hours ago | Latest post 4 hours ago by rjs
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