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Holy smokes, I can't believe Intuit removed this feature. It was a tremendous value add to see the taxes due/refund in realtime. Product Managers: I don't need a running clock of time spent in your product, I need to know how much I owe the gov't in ... read more
ewgrose ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by ababmohan
Dear Intuit,You've been pretty awful at filing extensions for a very long time (finally in the past few years at least the "extension" appears in the list of items on the home page, rather than buried 4-5 non-intuitive menus deep). I know the master ... read more
SDSoCal ‎Posted Thursday | Latest post 5m ago by KrisK2
I have been looking for a way to file for an extension (personal tax return) from within the Turbotax Deluxe Edition, desktop version, for a greater length of time than I would like to admit. Am I delusional? Should I order a fresh set of printer ink... read more
iDas ‎Posted Tuesday | Latest post 2 hours ago by TaxMaster1988
Hi Tax Experts, My Federal and NY state returns were rejected after passing all turbotax checks. The error code is: FED_NeedK-1_with8283_TTO_Only. Turbotax states the following explanation: Description of error:There is a potential issue with the cal... read more
tired_of_taxes ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post Monday by tired_of_taxes
Tax filing for 2022 as well as tax estimates for 2023 were deferred to October 16, 2023, due to California natural disasters. This is for both Federal (1040ES) and California State (540ES). So, then why is TurboTax 2023 (Premier) charging me penaltie... read more
kmd ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post yesterday by MonikaK1
It will only let me list the date for the first estimated tax payment. If I try to file with all four dates, it says there is an error. It wants me to remove the other three dates for the estimated tax to be paid electronically. BTW, using the Premie... read more
kiltie42042 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 6 hours ago by Davefeld
I've come across many posts with the same issue. But there has been no clear answer yet. TY 2021 had no capital loss carryover. I only have a schedule D form. No Schedule D for AMT. I tried to "amend" the TY2021 returns to force it to generate Schedu... read more
vjupally ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post an hour ago by upsauce
We were incorrectly charged for Deluxe when we were trying to file basic deductions with standardThe first call was to a person that could barely understand English, and had a rooster crowing in the background; not kiddingHe hung up on usThe second c... read more
Sun42 ‎Posted 5 hours ago
Hello,I had some life changes in loss of income and had used credit cards that ended up with a very high interest so I decided to use my IRA to and a Stock distribution to pay them off. Not realizing this put me in a higher income bracket when doing ... read more
MOPAR3419 ‎Posted 6 hours ago
I’m so furious with turbo tax for misleading people and advertising their hours as 24/7. Nothing but lies, now I’m in real trouble. Class action law suit for false advertising.
windydawnstar ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by DrPaul
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