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In our past #CommunityChatter installment we chatted about our decisions to either work more and have more or work less and have less. This week we're continuing the fun and playing a little game of "This or That"! We have an interesting question for... read more
Moderator ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by pk
There is no way to resynch with my One Financial bank. It keeps telling me to try again later, but it's been over a month. My bank recently updated their app, but there's no way to ask for mint to update how they synch my account. I've tried to resig... read more
djs2023 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by Jpartain89
I often receive an end of the year gift from my employer (ex. iPhone) that is included in my W2 income (so taxed as income). If I sold this on eBay, do I need to pay additional income taxes on the sale? I received a 1099 K form from eBay.
Fred92 ‎Posted 47m ago | Latest post 33m ago by NCperson
So my brother purchased a house in 2012 and I went to live with him in 2012 on that property. After 2017 my brother moved to another state and in 2017 my brother gifted his house to my mom and my mom gifted it to me the same year. I recently sold the... read more
Insignia ‎Posted an hour ago | Latest post 51m ago by rjs
With so much issues with foreign tax credit 2021 tax problems last year .I am having second thoughts of continuing of buying 2022 turbotax ,-support was clueless -no resolution -forum found workaround but turbo still showed as unable to fileso this y... read more
PGH ‎Posted 2 hours ago
In Nov 2022 I received a letter from the Colorado Dept of Revenue for my 2018 filing regarding excessive charitable contributions: there is a limit of $500 if a federal Schedule A was filed, and they obtained information from my federal filing that a... read more
brigra90 ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 28m ago by NCperson
I'm still completing my 2021 tax year return (past the final October deadline). When I try to import tax documents from my financial institution, I receive a message that the documents will not be available until 2023. This obviously refers to tax ye... read more
escapol ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 38m ago by rjs
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