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Can I redo my 2023 taxes since I did not mail my taxes to irs
julylah724 ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by rjs
I did a checking account and nothing was deposited it's already passed 21 days
rosiejanine ‎Posted Sunday | Latest post Sunday by mesquitebean
In TurboTax software, is there a feature to attach an explanatory note for a specific content to Form 1040? For example, this year I received a fraudulent 1099-NEC from someone I did not work for, indicating an amount of up to $15,000. Because otherw... read more
TheWisdom ‎Posted Wednesday | Latest post Thursday by Hal_Al
Want a bigger tax refund? With proper planning, tax withholding, or estimated tax payments you have greater control over the amount of tax refund you'll receive, or how much you will owe at tax time. Of course your income, deductions and tax credits ... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted 3 weeks ago
I rented my house for the first half of 2023, then prepared the property for selling and put it on the market. I did not move into the house, so while the property was on the market to be sold, it was empty. The property did not sell until the next y... read more
Sims_D ‎Posted 5m ago
Looking for a hassle-free way to own a car? $500 down car no credit check offer an affordable and accessible solution for many buyers. With just a small upfront payment, you can drive away in a reliable vehicle without the worry of undergoing a credi... read more
Marylisaa ‎Posted 2 hours ago
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