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Recently Apple released a savings account that is backed by Goldman Sachs Bank USA. While Inuit Mint has a integration to Apple Card (which doesn't update in real time but that's a different topic), it would be great to have an integration built to t... read more
jmcfadden9416 ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by brucewdw
I have manually downloaded updates. I have deleted and reinstalled. Still can't efile. I tried just efiling federal and get a error 54 code. Tried efiling federal and state (AZ) and get loop around asking for the same verification. Please help
MarthaR ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post Friday by MarthaR
Fed Tax filing and payment deadline for 2022 was extended to Oct16 for disaster declared CA counties. We still got a CP14 ? Does some known what the rule was ?1. Did we need to show proof of disaster affecting us personally? HOW?2. Were both filling ... read more
1024Vijay ‎Posted Monday | Latest post yesterday by 1024Vijay
Hey TurboTax, We need a new patch now that will actually work to resolve the failed validation error code 54 and allow us to e-file. We've tried your last patch (manually as instructed) and it did not help! When will this be fixed? I noticed in Intui... read more
diycpa ‎Posted Wednesday | Latest post Friday by diycpa
Schwab just acquired TD Ameritrade. All of my accounts were automatically transferred from TDA to Schwab. I added Schwab to Mint which creates the problem of each account appearing twice. Deleting TD Ameritrade would alter my historic data.What is th... read more
Remford ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post a week ago by rjs
Out of nowhere came a check from the treasury with a refund. I must have overpaid my taxes. How can that be? Did turbotax make an error? There is no additional paperwork, just a check. How would I ever find out what went wrong in my favor?Thanks!
mren ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 4 weeks ago by VolvoGirl
Should i show the cost of land of my rental residential property separately from the building when i sell it and have to do form 4797? Which section of Turbotax address the sale of the property? Depreciation section or sale of other business property... read more
toofan1 ‎Posted yesterday
Hello, I am a retired senior with no other income besides my SS. If I withdraw $38000 from my 401k to buy an EV, I believe I will have a tax withholding of over 7500 for federal. Under this circumstance, will I get a refund on that 7600 withholding?
SeniorEv ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by VolvoGirl
Hi all, I got laid off back in March of this year and my wife quit her job end of last year to take a bit of a break from nursing. We live in the state of WA(community property laws apply here). We just formed our first LLC as we have decided to purs... read more
jdord ‎Posted yesterday
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