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Hi, App crashing on Iphone 12 pro max, ios updated, cache cleared, rebooted. Please advise
Fsharel5hei5 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by Wtruitt
The end of the year is more than just holidays, great food, and family! It’s also the perfect time to make smart money decisions, take action to reduce your tax liability and give yourself peace of mind! The following links are filled with tips and s... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted a week ago
529 plan beneficisry graduated college this summer and the owner has Money left in the 529 plan. Question 1: If the student-beneficiary received several academic scholarships, can the owner take that money out of his 529? 2. If he wants to remove the... read more
Level 15 Hal_Al ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 4 weeks ago by Kiffer3
Need to file 2022 taxes
jamesdmcl ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post an hour ago by xmasbaby0
The group that i went with had the same contract but an IRS representative told them not to worry about the amount, hence it would’ve been a wash. What do i do? On my second summer i did pay them and I’m waiting for the return. Would it be possible f... read more
emmarosca ‎Posted 3 hours ago
auem8723 ‎Posted 5 hours ago | Latest post 4 hours ago by Mike9241
I filed return , was accepted, WMR website says no return filed and that I’m not putting my information correctly and I am, file 9/6/2023
Vlazzle ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post an hour ago by xmasbaby0
I nstalled a tankless hot water heater (natural gas). The credit is not capped based on prior years' credits. There is a new law in play because some thing something green new deal. The Act repealed the lifetime credit limitation and instead generall... read more
unfriendlytaxpayer ‎Posted yesterday
Hi, I was a little confused regarding mark to market as far as the deadline for making that election. I began day trading in Feb 2023 , but did not file anything regarding mark to market yet and it is now Dec 2023. Can I still make that election when... read more
Sam Hopi ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by Mike9241
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