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Hi everyone,I started working as self-employed in February 2024 with an income above the minimum payment threshold. Before this, I had no income in 2023. I recently got my Green Card, and this will be my first year filing any taxes in the US. I just ... read more
AndyRubyRei ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post Sunday by pk
Hi all! I'm required to go to a branch of the IRS this year to verify my identity so they'll finally send me my refund, and before the appointment I have to gather together two forms of ID and the last 2-3 years worth of tax returns. On the latter I ... read more
Benpercent ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by xmasbaby0
So recently after about 20 years I started looking at my financial assets in my home country. I had invested a very moderate sum of money(less than $10k ) 20 years ago via some financial advisors in some mutual funds and stocks. My home country had s... read more
jsss8791 ‎Posted 2 hours ago
hello everyone, My original 401K institution is making a check payable to my new institution with my name on it as FBO with 100% of the money (no tax withheld). So my question is, can I cash the check into my personal account and deposit the money la... read more
rvle ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by rvle
My mom claimed me as a dependent because I was still in High-school, I’ve since then gotten a job and received a tax return for that job. When I tried to E-File it won’t allow me to so I mailed my tax return in and have not received or heard back. Af... read more
NathanKush ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by xmasbaby0
I Need to amend my 2023 1040 to correct capital gains, but TT will not accept my change of an incorrect K-1 received from a trust. Does this mean I need to make the change in the original TT 1040 rather on the TT 1040x page? I filed the 1040 on time ... read more
kengordon1933 ‎Posted 3 hours ago
I just paid for my child's multi-year orthodontic treatment plan. I paid in-full my part of the cost of the treatment plan (the difference between the total cost of the treatment plan and what my insurance will pay). I have an HSA. Can I reimburse my... read more
hti708 ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post 38m ago by hti708
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