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In our past #CommunityChatter installment we chatted about our decisions to either work more and have more or work less and have less. This week we're continuing the fun and playing a little game of "This or That"! We have an interesting question for... read more
Moderator ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by pk
There is no way to resynch with my One Financial bank. It keeps telling me to try again later, but it's been over a month. My bank recently updated their app, but there's no way to ask for mint to update how they synch my account. I've tried to resig... read more
djs2023 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by Jpartain89
usermauldenm ‎Posted an hour ago | Latest post 7m ago by Critter-3
I was unaware of prohibitions of claiming EIC and Child Tax Credit for children who did not have an SSN for the filing year, else I would have done it without delay. However, in 2020 I had proceeded to procure an SSN for my son, however the SSN was n... read more
KNERD ‎Posted 2 hours ago
My aunt had the IRA and passed away 2/3/22. My mom was primary beneficiary and I was secondary. My mom passed away 11 days after my aunt nullifying my role as secondary beneficiary but was hospitalized and never had a chance to do anything with the I... read more
jlogru ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post an hour ago by dmertz
I and my spouse are Indian citizens but permanent residents of USA. We have no income in USA. We have income in India which is less than the tax threshold of US. Still, we regularly file US tax return showing India income as global income and also fi... read more
ramanathan1720 ‎Posted 3 hours ago
I have purchased directly from Intuit for many years, but I filed 2021 returns after purchasing TurboTax via Office Depot for 2021. Intuit does not recognize my filing when I try to purchase 2022 software. It suggests I need to continue with the 2021... read more
Greenalp ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by VolvoGirl
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