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Hi everyone,I started working as self-employed in February 2024 with an income above the minimum payment threshold. Before this, I had no income in 2023. I recently got my Green Card, and this will be my first year filing any taxes in the US. I just ... read more
AndyRubyRei ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by pk
I have a W-2 income and own an LLC (pass-through taxation) and a C Corporation (not pass-through). If my LLC pays my C Corporation for services rendered, will that lower my overall taxes by reducing my LLC + personal income which is taxed at ~38% but... read more
se5u ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post 3 hours ago by Mike9241
season2424 ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by mesquitebean
I have a sole proprietary LLC that I have extra income this year that I am trying to make estimated tax payment. Wonder which form I should use to file it for. Thanks
tianshuibiao ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post yesterday by rjs
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