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Hi everyone,I started working as self-employed in February 2024 with an income above the minimum payment threshold. Before this, I had no income in 2023. I recently got my Green Card, and this will be my first year filing any taxes in the US. I just ... read more
AndyRubyRei ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post a week ago by pk
TurboTax Online added all Employer Contribution to HSA as taxable contribution. But the Tax-free employer contribution is 0. There are no any other contributions to HSA personal or spouse. There is no any possibilities to correct this on my own. So I... read more
Alex139 ‎Posted 2 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by Bsch4477
I havent gotten my tax return. I filed them in April
vsot478479 ‎Posted 3 hours ago
rhodesrunner83 ‎Posted 5 hours ago | Latest post 5 hours ago by DoninGA
Hi, I just received a refund that I did not expect from a hospital from a visit in 2021. I used an HSA account that has been long closed to pay the hospital bill. Without notifying me, the hospital sent the refund to the administrator of my HSA accou... read more
ray805 ‎Posted 6 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by Opus 17
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