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so it's been more then 18 hours and still have not got my refund advance after i E-File my taxes and they accepted my federeal im confused i have not gotten a email saying i was approved or denied does any one esle have this issue
Louie97182 ‎Posted Tuesday | Latest post 22m ago by CookieRendo
I filed my 2020 and did it over a three-year period now how do I report it on 2021 taxes
Hunter2011 ‎Posted Friday
When I try to log my first donation of 2022, there are zero items available to browse, so everything has to be added as a Custom item (even really basic items like socks
StephMDSC ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by AMD17882
Form 8962 was released today and there appears to be a glitch with how TurboTax is calculating the premium tax credit repayment. My household income as a percentage of the federal poverty line was greater than 400% (line 5). However, line 28 stills s... read more
smsaz ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post 15m ago by Linwea21
I use It's Deductible every year to enter my charitable donations.... this year suddenly there is no database information (usually powered by eBay, I believe) to estimate the values of various items. What gives? Please provide 2022 values so that fol... read more
ntrainer ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 2 weeks ago by Spiehler
Only happens while applying for the refund advance, other option takes me to the transmit page but the Advance option goes up to the "Refund and payment info" page and when I click continue I get the loading circle then the message "Something changed... read more
johnfloyd1982 ‎Posted Monday | Latest post yesterday by camperh
How do we enter the child tax credit for a married couple filing joint? We received $1500 for our 1 child but if I enter $1500 under each of our names like it asks us to do it deducts $3,000 from our return and says we got the whole credit . We only ... read more
bywater ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post Wednesday by VolvoGirl
I am trying to enter in the 2022 donations for It's Deductible. There are no categories and the search does not work.
wendypoovey ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post Monday by MichelleLO
When will item values be available for 2022 on ItsDeductible?
EricBBL ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 2 weeks ago by TiffanyL
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