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In TurboTax software, is there a feature to attach an explanatory note for a specific content to Form 1040? For example, this year I received a fraudulent 1099-NEC from someone I did not work for, indicating an amount of up to $15,000. Because otherw... read more
TheWisdom ‎Posted Wednesday | Latest post yesterday by Hal_Al
Want a bigger tax refund? With proper planning, tax withholding, or estimated tax payments you have greater control over the amount of tax refund you'll receive, or how much you will owe at tax time. Of course your income, deductions and tax credits ... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted 2 weeks ago
TurboTax 2023 Home and Business Efiled Federal no problem, but when trying to efile CA State return when going to the payment screen, I get "Hmm, looks like we hit a slight snag" error message. I have tried rebooting, logging out and bak in. I have t... read more
creditrepairserv ‎Posted 4 weeks ago
Did you receive your refund yet? If not, you’re not alone. According to the IRS, your federal refund generally takes around 21 days to get to your bank account. But that’s only if all is good on your tax return -and there are no questions from our fr... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted a month ago
I live with my girlfriend and we have a baby. Up till now I was the only one who had a job but recently she got a job as well so we decided to hire a babysitter. The plan is for her to send me money through a payment app like Zelle each month to pay ... read more
ib012 ‎Posted an hour ago | Latest post 49m ago by Bsch4477
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