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Hi, App crashing on Iphone 12 pro max, ios updated, cache cleared, rebooted. Please advise
Fsharel5hei5 ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by Wtruitt
The end of the year is more than just holidays, great food, and family! It’s also the perfect time to make smart money decisions, take action to reduce your tax liability and give yourself peace of mind! The following links are filled with tips and s... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted a week ago
529 plan beneficisry graduated college this summer and the owner has Money left in the 529 plan. Question 1: If the student-beneficiary received several academic scholarships, can the owner take that money out of his 529? 2. If he wants to remove the... read more
Level 15 Hal_Al ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post 4 weeks ago by Kiffer3
I'm taking a distribution on my Roth IRA that I first contributed towards about 15 years ago. The Roth IRA is with Schwab now, but I have rolled it over a couple of times from different companies since it's inception. Schwab is indicating they'll put... read more
chickers4801 ‎Posted 22m ago
IntroductionI am hoping to receive detailed information on how to correctly navigate the difficult situation I have created for myself concerning HSA excess contributions. I will try to be as detailed as possible in explaining my situation to hopeful... read more
HSA-Newbie ‎Posted 30m ago
We got married in 2023 and will do our first tax filing jointly this year. How does the safe harbor rule work in this case, do we sum up the tax we paid last year to match the 110% rule, or do we do the calculation separately still?
pingfanshifu ‎Posted 37m ago
mr-5900 ‎Posted 2 hours ago
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