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Hi, App crashing on Iphone 12 pro max, ios updated, cache cleared, rebooted. Please advise
Fsharel5hei5 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 2 weeks ago by Wtruitt
Wondering what folks are planning to migrate to now that Mint is shutting down. I've used it since 2009 or so... feels like my whole financial life is in there. It was never perfect, but I still found it incredibly helpful.
chairman_mao ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by marshallagg87
The end of the year is more than just holidays, great food, and family! It’s also the perfect time to make smart money decisions, take action to reduce your tax liability and give yourself peace of mind! The following links are filled with tips and s... read more
Employee Tax Expert KarenL ‎Posted yesterday
529 plan beneficisry graduated college this summer and the owner has Money left in the 529 plan. Question 1: If the student-beneficiary received several academic scholarships, can the owner take that money out of his 529? 2. If he wants to remove the... read more
Level 15 Hal_Al ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by Kiffer3
It was Extremely distressing to discover after completing my taxes today, that Turbo Tax will not let me efile them, EVEN THOUGH THE IRS says this option in available to those of us in disaster areas until November16. Talking to a live person did not... read more
JeannePeterson ‎Posted 4 weeks ago | Latest post 4 weeks ago by NCperson
after a couple of hours i am unable to resolve this persistent issue. looking at other posts, turbotax does not care about this and/or is unable to resolve this or it's not a priority i am using turbotax "premium" 2019 i have read and tried all of th... read more
whatapieceofgarbagesoftwware ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post yesterday by whatapieceofgarbagesoftwware
skellogg ‎Posted 4m ago | Latest post 24 seconds ago by VolvoGirl
jadarius ‎Posted 7m ago
Hi Community,My father is Spanish citizen and plans to help me buy a house in the US. He plans to loan me $80.000, which he intends to lend at no interest, if that is allowed. I am US permanent residency holder. As the borrower, do I need to report t... read more
JAR75 ‎Posted 11m ago
As 2019 version for Windows was no longer available directly from INTUIT site, I purchased Turbo Tax 2019 from Amazon. I tried to download and keep getting "Error 630" when I attempt to input License Number. Can anyone help?
dhmhplus2 ‎Posted 12m ago | Latest post 4m ago by VolvoGirl
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