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I've imported form 1099 b from Morgan Stanley, it required review. Turbo Tax is asking for an "Adjustment Amount". I'm getting this message.Check this Entry. Form 1099-B Worksheet (Morgan Stanley Capital MGMT) -- Capital Asset Sales Wksht (1): Adjust... read more
smotonn ‎Posted Saturday | Latest post 44m ago by vccbe99

Intuit Approved! This answer has been verified for accuracy by an Intuit expert employee Form 7206 cannot be efiled!

Today 2/08 turbotax updated info for form 7206 but I receive a message that says my taxes cannot be efiled! I absolutely must efile. No way am I sending all those paper forms. Will this be available for efiling at a later date?
Dee4817 ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post yesterday by cowdogman
I already have all my info to file including K-1s. Just waiting for 1065 update. Is there a way around this delay?
daja_vu ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by tagteam
I imported my consolidated 1099 from ETrade, and every sale is incorrectly coming up with Adjustment Code N. "Smart Check" fails, because Adjustment Code N requires an adjustment amount, which, of course, there is none. It will neither let me remove ... read more
terpsucka ‎Posted Saturday | Latest post 40m ago by RachelW33
Like many of you, I signed up for notifications re the 7206 bug. This morning I received an inadequate boilerplate update from TT saying they’re working on it. Period. How many of you would like to receive a specific notification (one that does not r... read more
jbkennedy123 ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post Sunday by sqs2023
Why does the date for this form keep getting pushed back? i just want to get my personal taxes done already. The IRS has the form available why is it taking so long for it to be integrated with Turbotax online. It seems ridiculous its taking weeks fo... read more
tqueen1991 ‎Posted a week ago | Latest post 11 hours ago by GailAA
It seems like I'm seeing more and more people that filed the night of 2/7/23 with the form 5695 for energy tax credit, getting stuck in pending status. Usually a decision comes pretty quickly from the IRS for taxes submitted. I called support and the... read more
Jordan40422 ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post Saturday by Punkyssaddlery
I just completed my 2023 federal tax return using the desktop version of Turbotax Premier. I also used Turbotax desktop in 2021 and 2022 and information from those returns was automatically imported into the 2023 return (except, apparently, as descri... read more
Topsail Pablo ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 6 hours ago by rart942
FAILED_VALIDATION: Error Code 54This version of TurboTax is no longer current. You must ... blah blah Check for Updates and then you can e-file. I checked for updates half a dozen times already and no new updates are coming through, and I can't e-fil... read more
iDas ‎Posted Friday | Latest post Sunday by jjldtrust5239
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