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Mint.com has been saying that the Kohls Credit Card system is down for maintenance for a long time. The site is NOT down for maintenance. I can go to kohls.com or credit.kohls.com and log in just fine. Something is wrong on the Intuit side and someon... read more
Kelemvor ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post Sunday by cw1113
I have 2 jobs; one withholds taxes. I am self employed for the second, and earn about $20,000 per year. How should I pay my estimated taxes? I'm wondering if I can have more withheld from my "regular" job as the most efficient way to do that. I haven... read more
Amy00 ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post a month ago by HasaniJ
I'm just starting out as an independent contractor (consulting) this year. I had a W2 job until being laid off in May of this year and have received some unemployment payments (and opted to withhold tax). I have yet to receive any income from indepen... read more
clt403 ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post a month ago by clt403
I started my business two years ago, and every year, I find myself scrambling to categorize all of my business expenses come tax time. This year, I started a spreadsheet to keep bookkeeping more organized, but I want to make sure I'm thinking of ever... read more
agt55 ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post a month ago by Donna F 77
Hello, I have a main employer job with a yearly W2. I also have a side gig with a YouTube channel. 1st question - to avoid paying quarterly taxes for my side gig, can I just withhold additional taxes with my main employer biweekly? 2nd question - if ... read more
Igivemylife ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post a month ago by SwapnaM
Hello, I am employed full time, and also have substantial income through contract work that I do outside of my full time employment. This income varies from quarter to quarter and year to year. Do I need to pay quarterly taxes even though I am also a... read more
madison_m_barney ‎Posted a month ago | Latest post Monday by dave0292338
I did it on turbo tax can someone tell me the number to call to get my past tax return
jimmyjacob808 ‎Posted yesterday | Latest post 14 hours ago by xmasbaby0
Sold a home, State tax was withheld through escrow, some should be refunded per TT. How do I record this withholding on TT, as received nothing from the State, only documentation is on the Escrow Closing Statement.Thanks,Adam
psyadam ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by a59505950
I am considering buying a $42k car this month for 100% business use and anticipated applying the 80% bonus depreciation in the first year (IRS section 168(k)) and depreciating the following years using half year convention MACRS. However, I am very t... read more
marwanio ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by Mike9241
Dear experts, I have a rental house in AZ, I have a few questions would appreciate advices. 1. Do I need to apply for TPT licensee if I have loss in rental income after expenses? 2. I am not aware of this TPT tax and forgot to pay this for last two y... read more
davoti2 ‎Posted 3 weeks ago | Latest post 3 weeks ago by TomD8
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