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Recently Apple released a savings account that is backed by Goldman Sachs Bank USA. While Inuit Mint has a integration to Apple Card (which doesn't update in real time but that's a different topic), it would be great to have an integration built to t... read more
jmcfadden9416 ‎Posted Monday | Latest post Friday by JMK6
Out of nowhere came a check from the treasury with a refund. I must have overpaid my taxes. How can that be? Did turbotax make an error? There is no additional paperwork, just a check. How would I ever find out what went wrong in my favor?Thanks!
mren ‎Posted 2 weeks ago | Latest post 2 weeks ago by VolvoGirl
What is deadline to file for 2020 tax refund
sloth9978 ‎Posted 3 hours ago | Latest post 2 hours ago by rjs
I already entered my 1099-INT information. In another section it asked me if I was collecting payments and now it is asking me to enter in Installment Sales Summary. So I have to do both?Thank you!
TaxLu ‎Posted 4 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by pk
My grandson will be attending a junior college full time. He will be staying off-campus. The college's COA lists $5,757 for room and $5,757 for food. If the actual rent is higher than $5757, but no reimbursement is sought for the food, would the dist... read more
DanFarrell ‎Posted 5 hours ago
How does Social Security credit points work if you are both employed(receive W-2) and self-employed (sell on eBay, receive 1099-K)?Do you just add up the payroll taxes you paid as employee and self-employed to figure out how much social security you ... read more
oboero2 ‎Posted 5 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by VolvoGirl
aric544781 ‎Posted 6 hours ago | Latest post 3 hours ago by VolvoGirl
Hello, I have an interesting situation, where I had private company stock due to exercising my ISOs when I left the company. The company was then bought by another company and I got a payout based on the price agreed in the acquisition agreement. I a... read more
shchemelev ‎Posted 6 hours ago
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