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Life Event Hubs

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Let’s face it, taxes can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when it comes to changes in your life like getting a new job, starting a new family, moving, starting a new business, or retiring. 

No need to fret—our Life Event Hubs will help to take the hassle out of tax season! Each hub is tailored to your unique needs and provides ‌reliable answers to your most pressing tax questions. So, relax and check out some of our Life Event Hubs below.

First time filers

You couldn’t wait to grow up; the taxman couldn’t wait either. Now the fun begins.  TurboTax can help walk you through one of the scary parts of adulthood like you’ve been doing it for years. Take a look at our hub for first time filers to get started.

Getting married

for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part... 

Yes, it seems like just yesterday when you both stood up there, proclaiming your everlasting love.  You’ve had wonderful times that seemed like it would never end, but now, the honeymoon's over, because…

(CUE THE OMINOUS MUSIC:  dun, dun duuun!) 


Not to worry, though. Our life event hub will have you saying "I do" to all your married couple tax questions, so you can get back to your happily ever after!

Job and income changes

New job, new you, new taxes! Starting a new job or a change in your income can greatly impact your taxes. Find out all that you need to know about being prepared for tax time with our custom hub

Maybe you got a raise or a bonus and now you're wondering what it means for your taxes? We've got answers for that too! Check out this hub and enjoy your extra cash!

Buying a home

Buying a new home can be an absolute blast, but it can also be more than a little overwhelming. That's why TurboTax is here to make it a breeze! We've compiled our best resources for you on our dedicated hub, so don't worry—take a look!


The boxes, the yard sales, the trips to the dumpster. The packing, the unpacking, the inevitable injuries and damage to your prized possessions. 

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Moving is tough!

Fortunately, TurboTax has you covered with our hub on everything related to your move.

Starting a business or getting a side gig

Maybe the 9–5 just isn’t for you and you crave more flexibility. Or, maybe you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and you’re ready to turn your hobby into a money-making machine. 

Whatever the case, being your own boss doesn’t stop at tax time. TurboTax has all the answers you need to make filing taxes for your new venture a piece of cake. So why not take a look at our helpful hub and get started today? You'll be done before you know it!

New child/dependent 

With your new bundle of joy comes a bundle of tax benefits! We've got all the information you need to know as a new parent in a convenient hub, so you can get back to creating memories that'll last a lifetime (and save some money too)!

Receiving social security/ retirement income

We know you're looking forward to retirement, so let's help you enjoy it more and worry less about taxes. We've got ‌all the answers that you need on our specially designed hub!

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