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Tax Expert Tutorial Videos are here!

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The TurboTax Community Tax Experts have created some helpful video tutorials on the tax law changes and life changes that may have affected your 2022 tax refund.  While it is entirely normal for your refund to change from year to year, there were several tax credits that were lowered to pre-coronovirus pandemic amounts—or eliminated in 2022.

First, our Tax Experts show you how to quickly compare your current tax return with your prior-year return to see exactly what's changed.

Then our Tax Experts discuss how changes in your filing status, like getting married or divorced, can impact your refund. 

Next, our Tax Experts talk about how changes to the Child Tax Credit and Child and Dependent Credit, could affect your refund.

Here, our Tax Experts explain how the Earned Income Credit (known as the EIC or EITC) works to reduce your taxes owed and‌ may even give you a larger refund. 

Lastly, our Tax Experts compare the Standard Deduction with itemized deductions, and review the changes to the Charitable Contribution Deduction.

If you enjoyed watching these videos and want to learn more about TurboTax, then check out the rest of our Help Videos.

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