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2019 State Tax Won't Load

I bought 2019 Home & Business Desktop for Windows from a local store in 2020 when it became available and installed it and downloaded my state forms. I filed the returns. It is now 2023 and I am responding to an IRS audit. I've reloaded the CD software. When I start up 2019 Home & Business It forces me to try to download the state forms.


When I try to download the state forms it drops completely out of the program. I can't load my filed 2019 but I can start a new one if I don't try to download the state form. I get error: 190.


How do I either fix the problem or stop the program from requiring that I download the state forms which cause the program to stop? 


I need to access my IRS returns for an audit and this is vey frustrating.

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2019 State Tax Won't Load

What do you mean ....it drops completely out of the program?  You do need to start a new return so you can download the state program.  Then open your return.  


After you get the program reinstalled the first thing to do before you open your tax return is to update the program and install any state programs you had. Then open your file. So you first might need to start a fake return to be able to download the state program (go to FILE - NEW). Enter some basic information, then go to the state tab and download the state program. Then try to open your existing return, go to FILE - OPEN

Error 190 for state

2019 State Tax Won't Load

When I start a new return it won't allow the state form to download.  Could it be that since this is 2023 they no longer allow 2019 state forms to download?


I just created a new fake return, filled out the basic informtion, entered some Sched C income and clicked on State and the program bombs, blows up, ceases to work, gives a blank screen and returns to my Desktop. 

2019 State Tax Won't Load

They are still selling and supporting 2019 until Oct.  So you should be able to download the state.  Did you try updating the program first?  Go up to Online-Check for Updates.  And you might need to update Windows.  Maybe see if the state is listed in your online account.


How to download your purchase


How to update the CD/Download Desktop program


If you can’t update your Windows Turbo Tax program try doing a Manually update


And see Troubleshooting Installation…..


2019 State Tax Won't Load


...2019 state forms should still download.


And starting a new fake return to get them, is the proper way to start-up before attempting to open your old tax return.


Things to try:

1) Check for waiting OS updates and Reboot your computer (even if none are available). Try again after that.

2) Then start a new fake file again, but don't go as far as entering any schedule C stuff....just the personal information, and maybe some personal bank interest.  Then try the state download.


still a no-go?

3)  Uninstall and reinstall TTX.

4)  Run a full main software update before starting yet another new dummyfile ...then try again to get the state.


still bad, and using a Windows computer? 

5)  Try a download and install of the Manual Update (takes a long install time) before trying to get the state again:

Manually Update TurboTax for Windows Software (intuit.com)



Yeah, we generally recommend never uninstalling desktop TTX....and keeping many years as long as possible.

But people do get new computers...and when you do, re-install as many years back as you can right away (Usually only 3-years back can be done...thus 2019, 2020, and 2021 are still available now).


Make a 2 PDF copies EVERY year.  One with just the filing forms, and a second one with the filing forms PLUS all the worksheets., AND, back those PDF files up on a flash drive.  The PDFs can be read far into the future, even when the full TTX software is no longer available.



____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*

2019 State Tax Won't Load

@SteamTrain  Thank you . I removed TurboTax Home & Office using the CD.  I checked to be sure it was removed from the registry. I updated Windows 10 OS.  I rebooted.  I reloaded the Home & Office from the CD & directed the files to install on my "D:" drive where I have enough space.


Then  "Updating TutrboTax Basic" (not Home & Business"  flashed on the screenThat was confusing. I have never installed Basic on my machine. I let it continue.


Once the TurboTax udates were completed, it took me into TutrboTax Home & Business. I entered simple information and then a $20 tax refund and tried to Download my State Forms. The screen went white and then I was back to Desktop as the previous 10 times. I've tried a lot of ways of fixing this.


I then tried running TurboTax Home & Business again and got the following error:


Turbo Tax is already running under another

Account. Switch users and run TurboTax from the

other account to continue


Error: 70001


I don't have a clue what "switch users" means. How do I find out what to switch it to?


Question: Since I am loading from a CD bought new at Staples, installed new with factory defaults, on "C:" Drive in 2020, later moved the directory, (copy & paste) to "D" Drive, then later than that, deleted that "D:" Drive directory:


Does Intuit keep a name on file that the CD compares to which caused the conflict? If so, how do I delete that?

Or, does the CD Software look for a file on my computer from a previous installation that I need to delete?

2019 State Tax Won't Load

What you've done is beyond me....never even attempted to have it running on anything but the C: drive.

I' no help there....making room on the C; Drive might be best.  Find useless stuff to delete?


as a wild guess, the Switch Users complication could be some issue with your copying directories from C: to D.


perhaps is something that might happen if you have created separate User accounts in your computer for yourself in an administrator account....and also a separate user login for Guests, or other family users.  IF any of those other accounts had opened TTX and not shut it down, your attempt to start up TTX in your own user account would cause a conflict.   (I've never created separate logins on my own windows computer, so I wouldn't know if this would happen or not)

____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*

2019 State Tax Won't Load

2019 State Tax Won't Load



I'll dig around and see what I can find. I've run TurboTax on my "D:" drive for several years now since it gives that option at installation. 

I'm going to try to install it on "C:" to see if that clears it up.

2019 State Tax Won't Load

Thanks. I did close SpyBot but had the same result. It may simply be that I installed it previously on "C:" then later tried installing on "D:" and somewhere in the internals of Windows, it comflicts.


I'm off to check it out.

2019 State Tax Won't Load

@SteamTrain @VolvoGirl


I found this link below and apparently downloading 2019 State Forms is a known problem. Since it’s 2023 now, it’s no wonder this one didn’t occur to you.


So, my question now is who do I contact and how, to get the State Forms pushed to me? I still have the receipt for the purchase of Tax Year 2019 CD Desktop Home & Business





Previously, posted elsewhere:




“You might have to uninstall, and get a whole new installation file pushed to you.


But, that problem has been cropping up all over with no definite solution yet.”


“Support was able to help me. They had to do something on back end and sent a link to download a state as if it were purchased.”

2019 State Tax Won't Load


.....yep...2019 is dealing with ancient "issues" , very few would remember.


On weekdays...during normal working hours, you call Customer Support and talk to them about getting the state software pushed to an Intuit account, from which you will download it and then install it separately.  You do need to have an Intuit account from which to download it:

What is the TurboTax phone number? (intuit.com)



____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*
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