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Level 2

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

I called them today, disappointed that I couldn't return this "defective" item to the store where I bought it.  They seemed completely unaware, and a little annoyed that I was mad at them (because I was clearly mad at them).  I told them that I didn't have time to wait around for them to acknowledge and then fix the problem (I referenced this thread - told the LOTS of their customers are reporting this problem), and their only solution was to let me return the software and then wait/hope for a refund in 8 weeks.  I wish I'd bought it with a credit card - I'd dispute the charge.


I do think it's good advice to REVIEW this product publicly -- I've done that already.  I plan to buy a competitor's software and wait for my refund, documenting the hell out of my shipment of their software.

Amy S
Level 2

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

I have the same issue.  It seems to create a backup file every 5 minutes or so.  Sometimes if I've entered a bunch of data I'll wait a few minutes before clicking the next button so it has a chance to take a backup.  I was hoping the download I got today would fix it, but no luck.


We have windows 10 home version 1803 build 17134.523

Turbo Tax Premier Release .0370

Level 2

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

my copy is a cd purchased on amazon.  Home and Business version.  I'm running it on Windows 7 professional.   it is randomly crashing and having to be reopened.   the screen goes light grey and sits there.  if you click on it, then you get the crash advisory: what would you like to do ... restart, search for a fix, etc.  


i have taken to manually saving almost every time i add new information.  otherwise my work is lost.  i've never had a problem with TT so this is very dissapointing.  and why on earth isn't it set up to auto save constantly, with each additional entry?  


that being said, i often have many pages open and sometimes prior years also open.  not sure if that is relevant or not.  


i do perform updates regularly so it doesn't seem that that matters.  

Level 3

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Ha!  Intuit is blocking reviews on Amazon.  Tried to cross link this thread on AMZN product reviews and got following error message:

"Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity."


They also cut the price by 20% since last month.  





Level 2

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Same issue that I am having with the obscene amount of crashes with Turbo Tax 2018 software. Really annoyed I resorted to saving my progress every fourth input. If you don't you have to literally restart in its entirety. Really annoyed.
New Member

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Yes mine crashes constantly.  I can't even get it to file my returns online now. Very frustrating.

Level 1

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Add me to the apparently long list of people with frequent crashes of TTX Premeire, W10 purchased on CD from Costco. Utter garbage this year.

Level 3

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

I discovered that TurboTax has a site on Facebook with community discussions that are at least being monitored by what I assume to be TTax employees.  So far it hasn't helped my situation with the crashes but posting there is another way of making TTax aware of the issues we are having.  If you have a Facebook account you might give it a try.

New Member

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

I spent 2 hours and 13 mins on Sunday 2/10 with tech support after I couldn't access my tax return created on 2/4 with the CD install from CostCo. I had deleted all files from folders, cache, etc and restarted and then reloaded TurboTax (TT) 2018 several times before calling TT. It would take me to the beginning before it asks I fill out the form to keep up to date and then would crash...

The tech just had me go several times through the same routine I just completed myself before calling! Then he suggested I disable antivirus! I asked him why? I loaded the original CD on 2/4 with antivirus running and was able to input all my tax information into the return. Why now antivirus a problem? He didn't have an answer. He suggested I go online and do my return online! I don't think so!!!

So, I said I'll call back on Monday when they have level 3 support.

Level 3 support today, Monday 2/11 was a joke. She tried to convince me to use the online program. I guess TT would prefer we put all our personal data on their server - to get hacked - RIGHT!

She had me delete the antivirus from the computer! REALLY! Well, I did. I wanted to access my tax return which took hours to input data into. Then we tried every which way to uninstall TT, restart computer and re-install. Still same - when I get box to launch TT and I click on it - just crashed. She then suggested I delete my chrome (it was the only thing that had updated between my original TT install and yesterday. So I did. Then she claimed it must be my computer which is the problem. So, we went down the line... Antivirus - Chrome - my computer... But never could TurboTax be the problem! She offered me a refund... doesn't help cause I still need to get my taxes done

I am now furious. The app is definitely full of bugs and it is in the "update" that is installing on the computer...

Time to use another software brand!

Returning Member

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Hi Byron, It's not the app, it's your PC or Laptop. It sounds like you have a bug. What Anti-Virus are you running?

Level 3

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Gotabbygo, It's not the A/V.  First, go read all of the posts on this thread.  Even Intuit CS can't correct it.  If it was as simple as turning A/V off this would have been reported as solution long ago.


In my case, this problem started last year and after spending an hour and a half with CS they gave up.  I am running W10Pro with 16GB Ram with Win Defender, which I  tried turning it off, with no success.  I bought TT again this year with the hope they fixed it.  Seems like they can't - or won't.


I see you registered for first time on this Board today to make 2 posts, with the other telling people to be patient waiting for their refund. Do you, or friend or family member work for Intuit?  If so, tell them they need to stop making excuses, acknowledge they have a systemic issue, and report what steps they are taking to fix it.  Put out a support notice!   The amount of customers' time and good will they are burning through with denial will never be recovered.


Who is blocking unfavorable reviews on AMZN?   Intuit or AMZN itself?

Level 3

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

May be I have a solution or a work around.

I loaded turbotax on  a VMWare guest running Windows XP, and allocating just 1 Core and 2 GB of mem.  It is painfully slow, but sofar it has not crashed. May be Windows 10 is the problem .

Level 3

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Christophe:  Congratulations and thanks for suggestion.  WIN 10 is the environment.  This should have been identified by Intuit and resolved by Intuit well before the release.


AMZN finally allowed me to submit a review (lets see if the post it).  Quote:




There is a thread on Intuit site about users experiencing serious problems with program crashing which Intuit cannot fix.   <>

As of today, Intuit CS cannot fix it.  

I am a 25 year customer and not a competitor or paid troll.  I personally experienced this issue with TT2017 and will not launch program until I see some progress is resolving issues.  If you are in a hurry to get your taxes done, better consider another program. 

Interestingly, AMZN was blocking reviews all day yesterday.   Curious whether that was at Intuit's request or AMZN's system.  Good luck to all.

Level 1

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Yep.  Similar situation.  Today, I spent about 2.5 hours with 3 diff support reps including one that I was "escalated" to.  She even had a "higher up" share my screen to see it crash a few times.   Had me reinstall with a new clean file that I downloaded from Intuit --  with antivirus off, updated Java, cleaned Java cache.  Made sure my Win 10 was up to date.  (Running HP Spectre x360 I-7 with 12 gb memory, Win 10)  I've ran pc and operating system diagnosis with no discovered issues.  They claim they haven't been advised of a crashing issue.  I pointed them to support/community pages and one rep looked and agreed she was seeing issue.  They finally threw hands in air and told me to file using online application.  I decided instead to review forms line by line between crashes to determine if I had a good file to eFile and did so.  During eFiling and payment it crashed a couple times, but was able to ultimately send file.  It's been accepted by Feds. So keeping fingers crossed all is going to be OK with state.  I am a volunteer tax preparer with TaxAide and I've used TTax since at least 1994 (that's the oldest file i have.)   So, I'm not a novice with PCs, turbotax or tax preparation.   Intuit seems incapable of acknowledging that they have an issue with TTax crashing.   Am guessing that maybe TTax corp culture is getting tired and working in silos.  Don't seem to be talking to each other.  Guess I'll go another way next year.

Community Manager

Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

Please see this TurboTax FAQ for information and to sign up to be notified of a fix to this issue: TurboTax Windows 2018 Crash errors

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