Level 2

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

my copy is a cd purchased on amazon.  Home and Business version.  I'm running it on Windows 7 professional.   it is randomly crashing and having to be reopened.   the screen goes light grey and sits there.  if you click on it, then you get the crash advisory: what would you like to do ... restart, search for a fix, etc.  


i have taken to manually saving almost every time i add new information.  otherwise my work is lost.  i've never had a problem with TT so this is very dissapointing.  and why on earth isn't it set up to auto save constantly, with each additional entry?  


that being said, i often have many pages open and sometimes prior years also open.  not sure if that is relevant or not.  


i do perform updates regularly so it doesn't seem that that matters.