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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I spent 2 hours and 13 mins on Sunday 2/10 with tech support after I couldn't access my tax return created on 2/4 with the CD install from CostCo. I had deleted all files from folders, cache, etc and restarted and then reloaded TurboTax (TT) 2018 several times before calling TT. It would take me to the beginning before it asks I fill out the form to keep up to date and then would crash...

The tech just had me go several times through the same routine I just completed myself before calling! Then he suggested I disable antivirus! I asked him why? I loaded the original CD on 2/4 with antivirus running and was able to input all my tax information into the return. Why now antivirus a problem? He didn't have an answer. He suggested I go online and do my return online! I don't think so!!!

So, I said I'll call back on Monday when they have level 3 support.

Level 3 support today, Monday 2/11 was a joke. She tried to convince me to use the online program. I guess TT would prefer we put all our personal data on their server - to get hacked - RIGHT!

She had me delete the antivirus from the computer! REALLY! Well, I did. I wanted to access my tax return which took hours to input data into. Then we tried every which way to uninstall TT, restart computer and re-install. Still same - when I get box to launch TT and I click on it - just crashed. She then suggested I delete my chrome (it was the only thing that had updated between my original TT install and yesterday. So I did. Then she claimed it must be my computer which is the problem. So, we went down the line... Antivirus - Chrome - my computer... But never could TurboTax be the problem! She offered me a refund... doesn't help cause I still need to get my taxes done

I am now furious. The app is definitely full of bugs and it is in the "update" that is installing on the computer...

Time to use another software brand!