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Gotabbygo, It's not the A/V.  First, go read all of the posts on this thread.  Even Intuit CS can't correct it.  If it was as simple as turning A/V off this would have been reported as solution long ago.


In my case, this problem started last year and after spending an hour and a half with CS they gave up.  I am running W10Pro with 16GB Ram with Win Defender, which I  tried turning it off, with no success.  I bought TT again this year with the hope they fixed it.  Seems like they can't - or won't.


I see you registered for first time on this Board today to make 2 posts, with the other telling people to be patient waiting for their refund. Do you, or friend or family member work for Intuit?  If so, tell them they need to stop making excuses, acknowledge they have a systemic issue, and report what steps they are taking to fix it.  Put out a support notice!   The amount of customers' time and good will they are burning through with denial will never be recovered.


Who is blocking unfavorable reviews on AMZN?   Intuit or AMZN itself?