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How do I file for a revision?

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How do I file for a revision?

The IRS will start processing returns on Feb 12. Until then TurboTax will hold your pending e-filed return. Pending returns can not be changed. If the return is accepted you will get an email. If the return is rejected the e-mail will tell you what to correct and you can make changes before

e-filing again. Amend to change an accepted return. Instructions below. https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/amending/help/how-to-amend-change-or-correct-a-return-you-already-...

Employee Tax Expert

How do I file for a revision?

What kind of revision?    Amending your return means filing a new form, 1040X. This is only required in certain situations.  In other situations, you can change your original return and you should not file a new form. Don't amend if:

  • You received a government notice that doesn't specifically tell you to amend (e.g. math error corrections, request for additional forms, etc.). Just follow the instructions in the notification.
  • You entered the wrong bank account to get your refund.
  • You received Forms 1095-B or 1095-C and the info matches what you reported on your return.

On the other hand, you will need to amend if you already mailed your return (or the government accepted your e-file) and:

  • Your 2017 return was affected by the deductions or credits that were extended per The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018.
  • You need to report a tax form you forgot about or received post-filing (most commonly a W-2, 1099, or 1095-A).
  • You received a corrected tax form after filing (the "corrected" box is checked) and the new info changes your refund or tax due amount.
  • You forgot to report income or claim dependents, deductions, or credits.
  • You accidentally claimed dependents, deductions, or credits you're not eligible for.
  • You made an error that affects your bottom line, such as reporting income or deductions in 2020 that should've been claimed in a prior tax year (in that case, you'll need to amend all affected tax years).
  • You need to change your filing status (for example, you want to change from Single to Head of Household).
  • We instructed you to amend because of a program error (uncommon).

If you are inquiring about revising your return because of the recovery rebate, you may be able to intercept your return if done today.   These link are for the recovery rebate credit only.  Choose your situation below:


I didn't claim the Recovery Rebate Credit, but I should have. How do I review and update my 2020 tax...


I've already claimed the Recovery Rebate Credit, but I should not have. How can I review and update ...



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How do I file for a revision?

I forgot I was claimed on my unemployment so I have to claim that money so how do I fix that.


Please and thank you for all the help you can give me.

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How do I file for a revision?

Once a tax return has been filed it cannot be changed, canceled or retrieved.


Since you have already submitted your 2020 tax return electronically, you will have to wait until your tax return was either accepted or rejected.

  • If your e-filed return is still pending. Wait until the return is accepted before amending.
  • If your return has already been accepted. You will need to amend your tax return.
  • If rejected, just make your changes and then resubmit or mail your return.


How to Amend Your Return:

  1. Open TurboTax.
  2. Scroll down to Your tax return & documents (you may need to select Show), select 2020 and then Amend (change) return.
  3. Select Amend using TurboTax Online.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  5.  You can e-file your 2020 amended federal tax return, but most states require amendments to be printed and filed by mail.
  6. If you choose to e-file your amended tax return, you’ll review, sign and transmit your federal return. If not,TurboTax will provide you with instructions to print and mail your amended return.






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