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Why am I getting charged if I haven’t received my taxes yet & I filed more than a month ago 

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This is bush league

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Feel the same way, there help is redicless or not existing. Doing my taxes was a nightmare needed help with a few question the came up, but it seemed no one wanted to help , question where only answer with automated answers , click on this link or this link but not explained nor specific detailed information , to return was rejected 3 times and no one wanted to help to find out why. As I finally found out what was wrong , my Tax return was filled Feb 16 and I just got today May 3rd my refund. In the mean time I ask why it took so long and why I couldn't see the status of my refund on the IRS website to be told , we don't know you got to call IRS but I was billed by beginning of April. Even at this point nothing was process by IRS! And another surprise my recovery rebate was denied by the IRS , so I called Turbo Tax to be told we don't know call the IRS , WHAT DID I PAY FOR? FOR NO SERVICE NOTHING I CAN DO ALL THIS BY MYSELF AS I DID! NEVER AGAIN! 

TO FIND OUT AFTER HOURS OF SEARCHES AND CALLING THE IRS, my recovery rebate was denied as the IRS issues a stimulus check in paper form on Jan 6,2021 I never received. 

This is a joke that as customer you do the leg work and TURBOTAX cashes in!

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Turbo Tax systems are not integrated into the IRS systems, no 3rd party system is. There for once you submit the efile option on Turbo Tax and its sent to the IRS, it is now out of the hands of Turbo Tax. Therefore questions regarding where's your refund can only be answered by the IRS. Turbo Tax is used to help you prepare and file your return. Questions about stimulus are directed to the IRS due to Turbo Tax does not issue the stimulus nor does it know who and who has not received one. If the IRS says they mailed you a stimulus, Turbo Tax does not know that, again, because the systems are not linked.

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If this answer is to my posting then it is not worse a dime. If you file with any other company and don't get your tax refund back in 3weeks I could call and they did help to find out why, this year I had just moved to another state and that's why I used Turbo tax but never again. 

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When you signed up for Pay with Refund, you agreed to let TT take its fee if your refund was delayed beyond a certain point.  You have already used TT's services, and it cannot wait indefinitely to be paid.  What if you never get the refund?


As for tax refund delays, see:

Tax refund delays: Backlog of tax returns is growing, tax advocate says - CBS News

Where Is My Tax Refund?' Millions of Americans Are Waiting for the IRS to Pay Up | Morningstar

IRS backlog of tax returns is growing ahead of filing deadline (msn.com)

Overtaxed IRS Warns of Long Delays For Millions Of Tax Refunds (moneywise.com)

 IRS is holding millions of tax returns, delaying refunds (msn.com)

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