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Intuit Alumni

Needs Update Loop

Please contact customer support for further assistance. 

What is the TurboTax phone number? - Community


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Level 2

Needs Update Loop

I had the same problem and wasted much time on it.  I finally had to completely uninstall TT and then re-download the package (I had bought on Amazon) and reinstall it.  Then got the state package as usual and it would finally e-file.  Note that in the meantime I had successfully e-filed the Fed return by itself which may be important to the state return succeeding.


You have to wonder why Intuit can't fix something as repeatable as this after months of harangue.

New Member

Needs Update Loop

I spent an hour and a half on the phone last night with a rep who would "not let go" of the call. My dinner had been sitting for over a half hour, I told her 3 times a ticket needed to be escalated, she sent me a link to fill out the email notification instead and closed the ticket!!!!

The manual state update didn't work because it is saying the installer can't continue because the program may be missing (I'm looking right at it and it's not), or the upgrade patch may update a different version (more than likely the cause since it downloaded state updates a few days ago).


TT, this needs to be fixed ASAP!!! After spending 90 minutes on the phone with a rep who kept saying, "give me one sec." and "dddoooo dooooo deeeeee doooooo" in my ear I am not happy. When she sent the link at the end of the conversation I had already asked her if she needed my screen anymore and she said yes. I sat there for another 20 minutes while she "documented everything" only to get the link and have her literally tell me "noooo" (like a child pouting that didn't get it's way) when I told her I would do it later and I was going to eat my cold dinner.


After using TT for decades I am seriously thinking about switching to another company.

Returning Member

Needs Update Loop

I am going through the same thing. I tried to submit Federal and State (CA) but it says I need to update.

I tried to submit my federal ONLY but it says the same bs message, Before you can file electronically, you'll need to get this update. To do this, go to the Online Menu and select Check for Updates. 


I check for updates and it says "your software is up to date!!!" 


I have already uninstalled, deleted the turbotax folder and reinstalled 

I tried another computer

I tried manual update but there was an error, "Turbotax 2019 is not installed" BUT IT IS INSTALLED

Windows 10 is fully up to date

anti-virus is up to date. 

EVERYTHING is up to date except for this STUPID TURBOTAX. It should be called TURTLETAX instead :(


Tell your software engineers to get their **bleep** together! I already paid for the state e-filing and I can't file it!!!



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