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New Member

free edition

I am not to pay for Turbo Tax.  Free edition.  Why am I being charged when I try to close and file?

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Level 3

free edition

@gwen072560  If you were originally using the TurboTax Free Edition and added a form or schedule that doesn't qualify it will automatically prompt you to upgrade to the version that supports the forms you're trying to file. It would've then asked you to accept the upgrade or to select don't upgrade. Obviously, if you chose the upgrade it would tell you your being charged for a paid version. However, if you had chosen the option to not upgrade it would've made you remove the information that isn't supported by the free version and made you file without it. So the paid versions are Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed. With the paid versions they all have different costs for instance, Deluxe is $60 for federal, Premier is $90 for federal, and Self-Employed is $120 for federal. Also filing a state tax return in the paid versions is $50 for each state filed. The best way to find out what you were specifically charged for is to sign into your account and go over your receipt under the 'view order details' menu in your tax home screen. Besides you should have also received an email confirmation of the order letting you know what you bought. Final option would be to call customer service to search for your order number (if you have it) and go over what you were charged for if you can't locate it yourself. For future reference if your having issues navigating the turbotax website always call for help before you file anything. I say this because after you pay for turbotax online (website & mobile app) the fees are non-refundable which is mentioned in the License Agreement that most don't thoroughly read over.  I provided some links down below so you can go over the info listed on turbotax's website. 


To qualify for the TurboTax free edition you can only have this included: 

  • W-2 income
  • Limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV
  • Claim the standard deduction
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC)
  • Child tax credits

Situations NOT covered in TurboTax Free Edition include:

  • Itemized deductions (Schedule A)
  • Business or 1099-MISC income
    (Schedule C)
  • Stock sales (Schedule D)
  • Rental property income (Schedule E)
  • Credits, deductions and income reported on schedules 1-6, such as the Student Loan Interest Deduction




Reference Link:[product key removed]r/00/2563...

New Member

free edition



I have learned that there are 2 different elements to TT for free. The one you described is the most common. The other is the arrangement TT made with the IRS where a single 1099 doesn't result in a charge of $80 - $120 to file taxes for someone making barely $20,000 per year.  I'm requesting a refund since TT doesn't make the Tax Freedom version easy to find or access.  Please let me know what you need, in order to process my refund.  If you are unaware of this free version, please ask a manager.  Here is an article that describes it in detail.  There is the truly free version if you make < $66,000 regardless of any 1099's, etc, and then there is the sneaky "fake free" version which will force people who don't know better, to pay to file with you, if they received a single $601 1099-misc.  Which is not right.  Please issue a refund. Thank you.

Level 15

free edition


See this TurboTax support FAQ on how to contact Support -

New Member

free edition

Thanks. Contacted actual support.  For anyone who happens across this thread, here is a useful URL for getting ACTUALLY FREE use of TT if you make < $66,00, EVEN IF you have a single 1099-ANY form to file.

New Member

free edition

Explain what I did that would require me to pay this

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