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How to Print / View / or submit CA Tax Return hidden in TT 2018

Dear TT,  I have used your product to file my federal and CA State returns for  2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.    I did not buy your base product, and yes, even so, you dinged me for some additional upgrade beyond my already upscale product.   When I completed both the Federal taxes and State taxes, you offered to efile my federal return, but asked another $10 ransom to efile my CA State return with the extortioners in Sacramento to efile at the same time (your words--not mine).   I am a very poor person, and based upon my 4 prior years experience with your TT product decided I'd rather NOT  get skimmed for another fee and would either print it out and mail it, or would print it out and do an efile direct return via the CA Extortioner's website based upon the data on my printed CA Tax Forms.     However, I find now that you have completely abstracted my CA return from me and I find no way to access/see/print it, although I've run through all the menu options and you have now run your quality check process on my CA return several times.    Can you just come clean and tell me whether I unwittingly signed some agreement that forces me to be skimmed again by you in order to file the F*C$*ing  state return?  In the previous reasonable versions of your product I can (even NOW) go in and easily and quickly view and print out my CA Tax forms as filed.  There are many competing products.    I am happy to switch for next year, but having invested now hundreds of dollars of my time plus some cash for this year's federal and state extortion racket compliance ordeal with the criminals who've hi-jacked the once freest nation on earth, I would like the secret key to viewing and printing and/or efiling my CA STATE tax.  (I have already efiled the return to the Federal Thugs).   Thank you, 

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Level 15 Kat
Level 15

How to Print / View / or submit CA Tax Return hidden in TT 2018

Hi Mangobiker,

Before I answer your question (to the best of my ability), please know that I am not a TurboTax employee.  I'm simply a user like you; I volunteer to help users if/when I can.


If you have e-filed your federal return, you'll need to wait until it has been "accepted" by the IRS before the TurboTax program will allow you to e-file or print your state return.  This is a security feature that has been in place only a few years.  Because state returns are populated based on federal information, users can no longer file state returns on a stand-alone basis prior to federal acceptance.


Please wait until your federal return has been accepted and then see if the program will allow you to proceed filing your CA return in whatever method you prefer.  


See the TurboTax FAQ below for explanation.

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How to Print / View / or submit CA Tax Return hidden in TT 2018

Are you using the Online web version or the Desktop CD/Download program?  And Windows or Mac?  I'm using Windows Desktop program and CA is right where it always has been.