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State tax filing

@Mangobiker  You may need to check the e-file status of your return from within your TurboTax Desktop program.  To do that, open your program and click on the "FILE" tab in the upper left corner of your page.  The drop-down menu has an option titled, "Electronic Filing".  If you hover over that option, you'll see the option to check your e-file status.  Select that, and the program will officially note that your federal return has been accepted by the IRS.


I'm hopeful that you can then proceed with filing your state return.  Using your "State" tab, proceed to the FILE portion.  There is an additional charge to e-file a state return using TurboTax Desktop platform, so be prepared for that.  You can always print and file by mail to avoid that additional charge.


Please post back if you continue to have difficulty.