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State tax filing

Hi Mangobiker,

Before I answer your question (to the best of my ability), please know that I am not a TurboTax employee.  I'm simply a user like you; I volunteer to help users if/when I can.


If you have e-filed your federal return, you'll need to wait until it has been "accepted" by the IRS before the TurboTax program will allow you to e-file or print your state return.  This is a security feature that has been in place only a few years.  Because state returns are populated based on federal information, users can no longer file state returns on a stand-alone basis prior to federal acceptance.


Please wait until your federal return has been accepted and then see if the program will allow you to proceed filing your CA return in whatever method you prefer.  


See the TurboTax FAQ below for explanation.

*** I am NOT a tax expert. I am a seasoned TurboTax user, and volunteer to provide assistance to TT users. Nothing I post is to be considered TAX ADVICE; I bear no legal liability for responses.***
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