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Request IRS refund of excess payment made

I missed to add $10K of extra payment I made while filing an extension to IRS on May 17 2021. I see the payment record in IRS myaccount. Can I call IRS to request a refund or do I need to amend the return ? This is for FY 2020.   What is the best way to handle this. 
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Request IRS refund of excess payment made

if you have an overpayment, the IRS should automatically refund any overpayment. if you specified an amount was to be applied to 2021 then that amount should be applied with the excess refunded. however, no refund will be made until the IRS gets and processes the return.

Request IRS refund of excess payment made

IRS already processed the return and refunded only $500 back in Nov 2021. I am still short of $10K . They missed to calculate it . The TT return showed I owe $1000 on oct 15 2021. I sent a check of 1500 with the submission as well . They sent only 500 back they should have sent 10500.


It’s almost impossible to get a live agent on 800 number . 



Request IRS refund of excess payment made

Your numbers do not make sense.  If TT showed that you OWED $1,000 in taxes an d paid $1,500, why do you think you are supposed to get $10,000 back?


Are you perhaps thinking of the 2020 $10,200 Unemployment Comp deduction?  That is a subtraction from income, before the taxes are calculated.   It is not a tax credit (subtraction from taxes due), nor a refund.

Request IRS refund of excess payment made

If you made a payment with the 2020 extension and you did not include it on the original return AND the IRS did not catch your mistake  AND  they have fully processed the return  then sending in an amendment may be the route you need to take.  Attach a copy of the IRS payment receipt and proof of the payment from your bank/CC statement with the 1040X. 



Request IRS refund of excess payment made

Let me explain

1)I missed to enter an additional payment of $10K in TT which was when I filed an extension

2) I also paid them 1500 instead of 1000 which I owed , to ensure any additional interest and penalties are taken care ahead in time but they refunded me back the full $500 extra. 

3) In this whole process the $10k was that I paid  (item 1 ) was missed.



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