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New Member


If I qualified with my w2 for 2018 , but didn’t fall last year with my 2017 w2 could I still use my 2017 for this year ? And if not would they reject my refund meaning I’ll have to do it again ? Or they’ll just refund me what I’m owed ?
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Employee Tax Expert


I'm not sure what you mean by "qualified with my W-2". If you haven't filed your taxes for 2017, you can do that, but you can't use your 2017 W-2 to file your 2018 taxes. If you file a 2017 return with your 2017 W-2 and you are due a refund, you will have it issued to you. If you can clarify your situation, I'll be happy to answer you.

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New Member


@IsabellaG  Question: I have a 2017 Travel W2 from the military but didn’t know about it until this year. Do I just add that W2 to this 2019 year? Or do I have to do anything special to file for the 2017 W2?

Employee Tax Expert


You will need to amend your 2017 Tax return to report this W2. If you used Turbo Tax in 2017, here is how you will prepare the amendment.


  1. Sign in at with the user ID you used when you filed your 2017 return. 
  2. Select Show next to Your tax returns & documents.
  3. Select Download .tax fIle. You'll need this to amend your return.
  • If you don't have access to your tax return, you'll need to pay for access before you can download your .tax file.
  1. Once you've got your .tax file, select 2017, and then select Amend (change) 2017 return.
  2. In the expanded instructions, select download TurboTax Desktop 2017.
  3. Install the TurboTax 2017 software.
  1. Now open your .tax file in the TurboTax 2017 software by choosing File and then Open Tax Return (Windows) or TurboTax and then Open Tax Return (Mac). Browse to the location of your tax file and select Open.
  2. You're ready to amend your 2017 return. Follow these instructions.


From <>


To add your W2 to your opened desktop program, please perform the following steps.


1. Go to federal taxes

2. Then go to wages and income

3. You will arrive at a screen that asks you how you want to enter your income, please select

    I will choose what I work on.

4. Then go to Wages and Salaries and select Start

5. Enter your W2 information as a W2

6. After the information has been entered, you will arrive at a screen that asks if any of these uncommon situations apply to this W2 and you will check the box that indicates this is a corrected W2.


At some point, in filing this amendment, the program will ask you why you are amending your return. You will need to state that you received a corrected W2 in the mail. When finished, we'll give you instructions for printing and mailing your amended return as amendments can't be e-filed. 

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