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Tricked into having preparation fee deducted from refund

I have had used turbotax online to prepare my return for the last number of years and have come to trust what they do. That trust was broken today, do due to anything they did wrong in preparing my return but for something must more egregious. When I got to the end of the process, which was long and tiring, I was asked how I wanted to pay for preparation of the return. The two choices were by charging my credit card or by deducting the amount from my federal refund. At that time there was no hint that there were be a fee associated with either choice. I would have been just as easy for me to have it deducted from my credit card but I figured, what the heck, just let them take it from my refund. That was a VERY bad idea. Once I made that selection and to the very end where the fees were tallied, I saw to my horror that Intuit charged me an additional $39.99, DOUBLE the cost of preparing my federal return, just to have take the money from my refund. I tried to back up change my option but at that point it's too late. I understand Intuit needing to charge this amount. What is unforgivable is that they did not tell me about this charge when I made the selection, nor would they let me go back and change my selection once I knew how much it would cost. This is the kind of crap I expect from used car salesmen, not from an allegedly reputable company. I will not be using turbotax again.

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Tricked into having preparation fee deducted from refund

On the screen where you were presented the option to select to pay with credit card or deduct from federal refund, the $39.99 fee is listed right below that option to pay with refund. And it's also stated in the agreement that is presented to you to read and sign before filing the return. 


If you had already filed, then yes, it would not allow you to remove that Refund Processing fee that is charged by the bank that handles refunds when you choose that option. 


But if you had not filed at that point when you saw the fee, you could have used steps here How do I remove refund processing fees in TurboTax Online and change my payment method? to remove that option and pay with credit card. 

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Tricked into having preparation fee deducted from refund

Thank you for posting this. I saw the two options you mentioned, while filing this year, along with the "Premium Service Benefits - $44.99" listed right below the "Pay with your federal refund option." I was confused if that fee was associated with the Pay With Your Refund option. It almost looked like a third option, or a side advertisement because of the different font. So I Googled this and found your comment here. Thank you for the warning, it is kind of ridiculous to have that option, and Turbo Tax should make it more clear.