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Level 2

Missing Forms Loop

I've been trying to file my taxes for a couple weeks now, and there seems to be a bug in the logic within TurboTax. I am using TurboTax Home and Business 2019.


When the software comes to the "Smart Check" for Federal returns, it arrives at a page that says:


We'll help you finish your taxes soon.

We can't finish your return just yet because the government is still working on finishing up certain tax forms that are in your 2019 return.

We'll send you an email when the forms you need are ready for you


Then, after that paragraph, there's a list of 7 forms that TurboTax claims are not available. I've provided my email address twice for TurboTax to reach out and notify me when the forms become available. In both cases, I get an email the next day from TurboTax stating they are now available. The instructions say to open TurboTax and the software will automatically update and progress forward. When I open TurboTax, there is no change - the software still says they are unavailable. I run an update check, and the software says there are no updates to download.


What's stranger still is that on the TurboTax "Federal Income Form Availability" page (, it appears that these forms are listed as "Available". 


I contacted TurboTax support, and they admitted that "I don't know what our developers are doing this year. We've had a LOT of bugs." I imagine that I'm sitting smack in the middle of something, but I don't know if it's a known issue or not. The Support agent wasn't able to help me - he didn't know what to do and left the ticket unresolved.


I'm hoping that someone may have seen a similar issue and has found a way to circumnavigate the issue for a full solution. Any such luck out there? Has anyone seen this same issue? 


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Level 2

Missing Forms Loop

Quick update on this issue. I saw a post with identical issues. The response directed the user to the following page to download a manual update to resolve the issue:


I walked through this step, downloaded the patch file for a manual update, and upon attempting to install the patch, the TurboTax 2019 Setup screen indicates "TurboTax 2019 is not installed. Please insteall TurboTax 2019 first and then re-run this update." 


This is really strange, as I've been managing all my taxes for the past several weeks through TurboTax. The software is installed on my computer; I save my TurboTax file on an external hard drive in order to keep it off my computer directly; I was thinking that this could be part of the trouble TurboTax is having with this error... but TurboTax itself IS installed on my computer.


Are there any TurboTax experts out there? This is extremely frustrating, and I've never had this much of an issue with TurboTax in my many years using the platform. It's enough to make me want to switch... 

Level 2

Missing Forms Loop

@bradyhoggard  You are not alone. I experienced everything you did -- the missing forms, the uninstall error, patches not working. See I never received a fix and had to file elsewhere.

Level 2

Missing Forms Loop

A quick and happy update to this situation...

Intuit has been less than helpful over the past 6-weeks. Extremely frustrating.

However, I called in for support assistance on this issue I've been experience - the status of which has never changed up until now, as no updates seem to work. I spoke with a support rep for over an hour, and we uninstalled my 2019 TurboTax Home and Business instance.


Where things appeared to change were when attempting to pull my license from the TurboTax account to download direct from them. It couldn't be found with the license number I was provided from my purchase - TurboTax couldn't see my license. To be clear, I purchased my TurboTax license from Walmart, which in my mind shouldn't be any different from ordering from TurboTax direct. In this situation, the support rep ended up providing me a new license, as she had seen my TurboTax program functioning on my computer through screenshare; after providing me a new license, downloading direct from TurboTax, installing, and running updates, everything now seems to be working as expected. I'm moving forward with my filing!


I really don't know why this would matter, but it seems that the Walmart license simply wasn't connecting to Intuit servers appropriately. Any who may be having this same issue, it may be worth sharing this knowledge with TurboTax support and attempting this same process to get out of the never-ending rut.

Best of luck!

Level 1

Missing Forms Loop

THanks for the information. I am having exactly the same issues you described. I had purchased mine from a software store. 
I will contact intuit and see if they can help me on this end aswell. 


Returning Member

Missing Forms Loop

Thank you for the information. I am having the same issue with 2019 software purchased from amazon seller.

I will reach out to the support center. If I can find a number!

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