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i would like to file my 2019 taxes

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i would like to file my 2019 taxes

The TurboTax online editions for tax year 2019 should be available on December 4.  A 2019 tax return cannot be filed until after January 1, 2020.  


Level 15

i would like to file my 2019 taxes

The IRS has NOT announced a  starting date for processing any of the  2019 tax returns  as of this posting.  
Although TurboTax will  allow you to e-filed some returns as early as 1/2   they are NOT sent to the IRS.  TurboTax stores those early filed returns  until the IRS opens for business and pulls the returns for processing ...   only then will you get an e-mail telling you if the return was accepted or rejected by the IRS.  

Only the simplest returns can be transmitted to TurboTax early.    Some forms will not be finalized until Jan 25 and some later than that.

Why does TurboTax allow early filing?  Because their competitors do - It is a marketing ploy to capture market share.

Filing early with TurboTax before the IRS opens  is a really BAD IDEA for many reasons...

1) If you discover something that is wrong on your return, receive a W-2 that is different, receive some other tax document that was not on the return that you filed then there is NOTHING that you can do about it other than wait to see if the IRS accepts or rejects the return after they open.  If rejected you can correct and file again, but if accepted then the only remedy is to amend which can take 4 months to process.

2) You must remember to check back after the IRS opens (or check for an e-mail) to confirm that the IRS has accepted or rejected the return.  If rejected, then it was never filed at all and must be corrected and re-filed.  Every year many taxpayers that file early, forget to check back and only discover months later that they never actually filed because if was rejected by the IRS but they had forgotten about checking back after filing with TurboTax.

3) While the IRS does conduct some pre-opening tests and does accept some returns early (ONLY for TESTING purposes), they will not actually  process those until after the official opening date.  There is a reason to test and that is to discover any problems with it's systems.  A couple of years ago a test went bad and several thousand "test" returns were lost.   The IRS was able to recover those but it delayed refunds for some by months.

There is no real advantage to file before the IRS opens  but there are several disadvantages to do so.

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i would like to file my 2019 taxes

Tax season 2020 will likely begin January 27 or 28, 2020. Dates for tax season 2020 haven’t officially been announced yet, though taxpayers can certainly expect it to start sometime in late January 2020 and last until April. Tax season 2019 began January 28, 2019; on that date, the IRS began accepting and processing tax returns from 2018. Around January 27 or 28, taxpayers should begin receiving (or collecting) tax forms for 2019 from employers, clients, and more.



When will my forms be ready?

Historically, IRS tax forms start becoming available in January, with a few stragglers (most notably Form 1040X) getting finalized in February.

State tax forms can become available for filing any time between December and late February, depending on the state and the tax form.

For specific forms and dates, refer to the Forms Availability Table for your TurboTax product, see the related information below.


Can I Still Work On My Return Before My Forms are Ready?

Yes, according to the following:

Federal Taxes
You can still work on your return and finish most of it. Once your forms become available, we’ll create the forms and include all of your info.

You’ll only be able to e-file or print your return once the forms are available.

While you’re working on your return, we’ll ask if you want to receive email updates when your forms become available.

State Taxes 
If your forms aren’t available, you’ll get a message asking you to return once they become available.

While you’re working on your return, you’ll have a chance to let us know you want to receive email updates when your forms become available.

Related Information:

           IRS Forms Availability Table for TurboTax Individual (Personal) Tax Products


Click on the REVIEW tab and the program will tell you what in your return is still NOT ready and the estimated date it will be (subject to change of course ) ... you can put in for an email alert when they are ready ....

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i would like to file my 2019 taxes

I made less than 4000 in 2019.  I was working, my father become ill, we were looking at a pandemic, I couldn't do construction work because of COVID.  I never received any stimulus payments.  I did not know I could not file after Jan 30th, how do I correct this now?

Level 15

i would like to file my 2019 taxes

Do you need to file a 2019 and/or 2020 return?  The Covid-19 didn't start until March 2020.

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i would like to file my 2019 taxes

I haven't receive first 2 stimulus payments, So I do not know if I have to file 2019 Taxes, or Amend 2020 tax return for recovery rebate credit claim process.  Please advise.  I have already paid money thinking I could file 2019, but at that time I was told I could no longer file for 2019??

Level 15

i would like to file my 2019 taxes

Forget about 2018 and 2019.  The Stimulus Checks are really based on your 2020 return we are filing in 2021.  So any amount you already got will be reconciled on your 2020 return line 30.  If you didn't get a Stimulus Check (and qualify) or you qualify for more it will be added to your 2020 return.


When you filed 2020 was anything on 1040 line 30?  If not you can amend to include the missing 1st or 2nd stimulus payments.


Do you still need to file 2019 for other reasons?

Sorry, Online for 2019 and prior is closed now so you can not start a new 2019 or prior return or finish one. Online is only for 2020. Oct 15, was the last day to efile.  2019 is now the prior year. If you entered 2019 into the 2020 online version you should clear out your online return so you can use it for 2020.

Did you start an Online return? How to finish a prior year online return

Or How to file a prior year

You can only buy the download for prior years. You have to buy a separate program for each year. They only sell the last 3 years. You need a full Windows or Mac computer to install it on. Buy the download here

You have to print and mail prior year returns. When you mail a tax return, you need to attach any documents showing tax withheld, such as your W-2’s or any 1099’s. Use a mailing service that will track it, such as UPS or certified mail so you will know the IRS received the return. Don’t forget state.

Important! Mail Federal and State in separate envelopes and mail each year in separate envelopes.

If you are getting a refund, there is not a penalty for filing past the deadline. You have 3 years to file for a refund. If you owe taxes, the interest/penalties will be calculated by the IRS based on how much you owe and when they receive your return and payment. The IRS will bill you for this; it will not be calculated by TurboTax.

If you want to file for free you can fill out the forms by hand. Here are some basic forms…..

Here is the IRS 2019 Form 1040

or if you want bigger type use 1040SR for Seniors,

And 2019 Instructions

2019 Tax and EIC Tables

Sch 1 :
Sch 2 :
Sch 3 :

Then when you do file 2020 enter 0 for the 2019 AGI since you are filing 2019 late.

I have links for other years too.

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