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1099-int (rev. 10-2013)

I received a letter from the IRS. Form 1099-INT  It has total interested paid or credited of $12.84

On the bottom is states: "THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL.  It shows the taxable interest paid to you during the calendar year by the Internal Revenue Service.  If you are required to file a tax return , report this interest as income on your tax return.  This amount may represent interest on an over payment for more than one year, or more than one kind of tax.  This interest may have been paid with your tax refund or part or all may have been applied against other taxes paid."

What does this mean, and where do i enter in the information?
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1099-int (rev. 10-2013)

Enter it as a 1099-INT.  Type    1099-INT   into the search box, put IRS as the payer and put the interest in Box 1. That's all you have to do.