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Do not purchase old returns from Turbotax

TurboTax is the biggest scam of a product that blatantly lies to customers.  They stated that the IRS would charge you $50 to get your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income for the last year), but it was a simple 5-10 min process through the IRS website.  I purchased TurboTax 2016 and 2017, but because I didn't use the same computer to file the return they tried to charge me $35 to print last year's return.  Worst product, worst customer service, worst people working there.

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Do not purchase old returns from Turbotax

At no time does TT say it costs $50 to get a free transcript form the IRS just to get the AGI ... the fee is for a copy of the complete return.  And not everyone has your luck on the IRS site in setting up an account so easily.  

It is up to you to take responsibility for saving your information ... the program tries to upgrade you to PLUS no less than 3 times telling you that access to the prior year returns will not be available without it so if you choose to not buy the plus feature and did not save a paper or PDF copy of the return when you had the chance then you are the only person to blame.  TT is a DIY tool so don't blame the program for your failure. 

Can I print a copy of my TurboTax Online return BEFORE I file it?

You can, but if you haven't already pre-paid your TurboTax fees (if any), you'll be asked to pay before you can print.

1.     If you're not already in your return, sign in at and then select Take me to my return.

2.     Select Tax Tools and then Print Center from the left-side menu (on mobile devices, tap in the upper left corner to expand the menu).

3.     Select the first option, Print, save, or preview this year's return and follow any additional onscreen instructions.

o    If you're using a free version with no add-on fees, you'll be asked to register first.

4.     Once your PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader, select the "printer" icon near the top.

  1. Make any adjustments in the Print window and then select Print at the bottom.

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How do I get a copy of a return AFTER I filed this year in TurboTax Online?

Before 10/15/19 .... To get whole return with all  the worksheets  please log back in your TurboTax account and "add a state" to open the return back up (you are not really adding a state, just to open it back up), then select Tools and choose the print center, then select returns and choose the radio button to include all worksheets.