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Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

I'm reviewing because we got Notice CP12, and TurboTax's payments and credits do not match the IRS. Trying to figure out who is right and form 2441 is only partially completed when we entered all this information when doing original filing.
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Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

form 2441 is for child care expenses.  did you have any in 2021 that you claimed? 


what does the letter actually say? can you post that? I wonder if the issue is form 8812 and the child tax credit, which is totally different from the child care expenses 

Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

Yes, I have 2 children and a dependent care account. 


It says "we found and error on your 2021 form 1040 which affects: Recovery Rebate Credit. We changed your return to correct this error and you are due a refund. "Entered refund dollar amount"."


But the refund amount is less than what TurboTax originally calculated. I am going to contest it, but was going over my return again to see if I could figure out the discrepancy. There's just a lot of blanks on 2441, so I  wasn't sure this this was a thing TurboTax did or we didn't enter the information in correctly when completing the original return. We had a child in late 2021, so I think the IRS calculated amount only accounts for 1 dependent when we clearly put 2 on 2021's 1040. 

Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

Make sure you have entered your child as a dependent in My Info, and that you have entered the child's Social Security number.    Careful— do not say that your child’s SSN is not valid for employment.  If your child was born in 2021 make sure you said he lived with you the whole year.  There is an oddly worded question that asks if the child paid over half their own support.  Say NO to that question.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

The Recovery Rebate Credit is different and separate from the Child Tax Credit and Child Care Credit.  

Did you not get the 3rd Stimulus payment?  Or qualify for more?  How much is on your 1040 line 30?  Should you probably only have 1400 for the new baby.   Line 30 is only if you didn't get the full amount or qualify for more.  The IRS shows they already sent it to you.


A lot of people forgot they got the deposit last March - May 2021.  Or missed one payment and entered the wrong amount.  Then when the IRS reduces their refund and they check their bank accounts they have been finding the payments.


Double check your bank statements and Check your IRS account (both accounts if married)

Your Online Account | Internal Revenue Service


Why is form 2441 only partially completed?

@m-landreneau-27 - the adjustment is the Recovery Rebate credit.....


suggest going back and reviewing what you entered into TT during the interview process


Line 30 of Form 1040 is calculated as follows:


1) number of people listed on your tax return

2) times $1400

3) LESS what you already received:  oo back and review what you actually received in your bank account statements during March - May, 2021.  Please do not go from memory but actually look at the statements. this should be 'what you already received' and what you should have entered into TT when prompted during the interview process.


4) but not less than zero


5) compare the result to what is on Line 30. if they do not match, THAT is the amount of the adjustment the IRS made.  The reason they would not match is what you entered when prompted for the amount you received last year does not match what you are now finding in your bank account statement.


you were eligible for the 3rd stimulus or the Recovery Rebate Credit but not both. 


it has nothing to do with the Child Care Credit. 


if you can't follow what I am asking you to do, post the asnwers to 1) - 5) and I can explain



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