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RSU Stock Sale 1099-B

This happens to me every year, but when I go to enter my 1099-B, turbo tax either double counts the income (already reported on my W-2) or assumes the entire thing is a gain. For example, I just uploaded a 1099-B for an immediate sale (upon vesting) of $24k of stock, and it adjusted my return down by about $13k. But these were shares sold SPECIFICALLY to pay taxes on the grant and had no loss or gain. Why does turbo tax think I need to pay $13k of taxes now?

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New Member

RSU Stock Sale 1099-B

 For RSUs any amount on which you were already taxed elsewhere on the return gets added to your cost basis for the sale.  If your vested price per share was $30 for example, and you sold 10 shares to cover tax, then the cost basis  of that sale is increased by $30 X 10 because that's the amount of tax you already paid on the shares you sold.

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