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Level 3

Standard Deduction


This was my first time to use Turbo Tax..... I am concerned that I may not have gotten my standard deduction, which line would I find it on?


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Level 9

Standard Deduction

TurboTax automatically uses your standard deduction unless you enter enough itemized deductions to exceed your standard deduction or force itemizing because you are filing MFS.  Look on line 8 of your Form 1040.


Your standard deduction lowers your taxable income.  It is not a refund 

2018 Standard Deductions:

Single   $12,000  (+ $1600 65 or older)

Married Filing Separately    $12,000  (+ $1300 65 or older)

Married Filing Jointly  $24,000  (+ $1300 each spouse 65 or older)

Head of Household  $18,000  (+ $1600 65 or older)

Level 14

Standard Deduction

note  that the 'standard deduction' could be lower than stated in this thread if you are claimed as a dependent by others - it would depend on your income if that were true.