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I have not received my refund

I got the Turbo Debit card sent to me but there are no funds loaded on it, I called the Turbo Debit card support number and they said I had to contact Turbo Tax but I’ve had no luck trying to figure out what is going on? It’s been over a month and I was lead to believe the refund would be sent to that account. Please help me understand what is going on

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I have not received my refund

Has the IRS issued your federal tax refund?

If accepted by the IRS use the federal tax refund website to check the refund status - https://www.irs.gov/refunds

Level 15

I have not received my refund

The card does not have money on it until the IRS/state issue your refund(s).  You can check your refund status online:


You need your filing status, your Social Security number and the exact amount  (line 20 of your Form 1040) of your federal refund to track your Federal refund:   


To track your state refund:    




If you chose to have your TurboTax fees deducted from your federal refund, that will take some extra time, while the third party bank handles the refund processing.




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