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Will not download 2019 tax forms

I am looking to file my 2019 taxes for school financial aid and I have paid for the package to get the forms online but my computer will not download it. I don't know what to do. I have tried clearing up space, restarting it, etc but I think my computer is too old to do this now and my newest computer is a chrome book. 

What do I do? Or how do I get my refund? 

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Will not download 2019 tax forms

Oh are you trying to download the program to prepare a 2019 return?  Sorry you can't install it on a Chromebook.  You need a full Windows or Mac computer.  If you can't install it ask for a refund.


Window System Requirements


Mac System Requirements



Level 15

Will not download 2019 tax forms

Call in for a refund.  When you fill out the from use the word BILLING ISSUES instead of the word “refund.”


Contact Customer Service 5am-5pm  Pacific


You can use this online refund request form.

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Will not download 2019 tax forms

Is an Ipad considered the same as a computer or is it not used with Turbo Tax.  I am using it now and need to know to download TY 2019 Premiere.  I have access to a computer with Windows 10 but having done 2020 on windows 10, turns out to be frustrating when Ipad is not so full of Windows complexities and is user friendly from one with year's of fighting it's complexities.  It has IOS software version to be determined.  Ipad 9.5 a few years old but updates are current Thanks

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Will not download 2019 tax forms

Sorry an iPad can not install the Desktop program.  It is not a full Mac computer.  You can only use the current year online version on a iPad or mobile device.  


I posted the system requirements above.  

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Will not download 2019 tax forms

@proofed49 You cannot download desktop software to an iPad.   The CD/download software can only be used on a full PC or Mac---it cannot be used on any sort of mobile device.


Having read some of your other threads, I wonder if you have actually filed a 2019 return.   What are you trying to do?   You mentioned having a paid tax preparer for a previous return---what tax year was that for?   If your 2019 return has actually been filed already then you cannot just prepare another 2019 return to file.  If your 2019 return has been filed and processed then the return can be amended to make changes but that has to be done correctly.     If your 2019 return was prepared incorrectly then it needs to be amended using a Form 1040X.   If  a paid preparer made a mistake then the preparer should do the amended return for you.







If you did not use TurboTax to prepare your tax return, it is possible to amend the return using TurboTax but it will really be a pain.  It would be better to use the software or service used to file originally.  If a paid preparer made a mistake on your tax return, that tax preparer should do the amended return for you at no charge.

In order to use TurboTax to amend your return, you need to purchase the desktop software for the tax year and re-create the return EXACTLY as it appeared when it was filed with the IRS/states.  Every line has to be the same.  Then you have to "trick" the software into thinking you filed by saying you will mail the return. (but do not mail it)   AFTER that, you use the software to prepare a Form 1040X, which has to be printed, signed and mailed to the IRS.  It takes the IRS about 4-6 months to process an amended return

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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Will not download 2019 tax forms

You can not install any version or any flavor of TurboTax on a Chromebook. (A chromebook computer does not a "real" full-fledged operating system on it.)  You will need to install it on a Windows 10 computer. (Assuming you downloaded the Windows version of TurboTax 2019.)


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