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New Member

Why does it say free but then you get charged almost $200.00 dollars?

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Level 15

Why does it say free but then you get charged almost $200.00 dollars?

You are posting from online Deluxe Live---live help from a CPA is not free.




The information that you can enter in Free Edition is pretty limited now.  Thanks to the new tax laws that began for 2018 returns, there are no more simple Form 1040EZ or 1040A's.  Everything goes on a Form 1040 that has three extra "schedules" with it, and if you need any of those schedules, you are not able to use the Free Edition.  Using the standard deduction instead of itemizing does NOT mean you will not need any of those schedules. 

If you qualify to use it, there is another full-featured free version of the software:

Try Free File: 

You qualify if your income was $36,000 or less, or $69,000 or less if active duty military, or if you qualify for Earned Income Credit

If you switch to Free File you must create a new account and new user ID.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
Level 15

Why does it say free but then you get charged almost $200.00 dollars?

The TurboTax online Free edition is free for federal and state tax returns if it is used.

Your post shows you are using the TurboTax Live Deluxe edition with Tax Expert/CPA support and it is not free but costs $90.  If you have a state tax return that is an additional $40 and if you requested to have your TurboTax account fees paid from the federal tax refund, the service charge for that option is $39.99.


If you have NOT filed the 2019 tax return then you may be able clear the return and start over.

If you have not paid for the online edition you are using, have not filed your tax return or registered the Free edition, then you can clear your return and start over with a lower priced edition. Click on Tax Tools on the left side of the program screen while working on the 2019 online tax return. Click on Clear & Start Over.

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