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New Member

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

I cannot find a file on my computer for the 2019 tax return.  I've opened 2019 Turbotax but do not see a file that I can put on my desktop for Turbotax to find.  Previous years this has worked automatically.

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Level 15

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

The default location of any PDF's and tax data files is Documents and the TurboTax folder.  What is entered in the folder for 2019?

If nothing in the folder then you changed the location for storing the TurboTax data files.  Search your computer hard drives for the data files.  Wild card search *.*tax*

The data files for tax year 2019 have a file extension of .tax2019

Returning Member

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

I do not find this file on my computer, yet I have the application for 2019 and the completed tax, and made a PDF, but that PDF will not update the current 2020 Turbotax when put that file in the transfer window. it starts to transfer, then fails.


How do I make a new .tax2019 file?

Level 15

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

Sorry if you used the Desktop CD/Download program then the only copy is/was on your computer.  Turbo Tax doesn't have or store a copy even if you efiled it.  Check your backups for any .tax or .tax2019 files.


If you used the Windows Desktop program you need the file ending in .taxyyyy to open in it.  The tax files (and PDF files) should be in your Documents then in a Turbo Tax subfolder.  If you can't find them do a search for all files ending in .tax or .tax2020 or .tax2019, etc.  And check the Recycle Bin.  For Windows 10 check the One Drive.  Did you make any backups?  Like DropBox.


If you don't have the main .tax file you might have one that starts with a Tilde sign ~ like  "~your name.tax2019".  That file is if your computer crashes or your real file gets lost or deleted or corrupt so you can restore it.


Find your Tax file in Windows



Did you save your return?  In Windows you have to manually save, although it will ask if you want to save when you exit the program or switch to another return.


Try this......start the 2019 program.  Then go up to File-Open and see if it finds your file.

Returning Member

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

Wow, well next time I will let the fact out, I have all of this is on a Mac.

Returning Member

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return

Updating 2020 Turbotax with 2019 return, Mac

HI, I have a Mac. The old one with 10.13 and the new one with 10.15, required for the 2020 Turbo Tax. I have a download Cd, I do not use the Cd, never did have one.

So, Starting the 2020 taxes, when at the place to transfer in the 2019 info, no file, no 2019 on the new computer. OH!

Looking on old computer could not find .tax2019 in the Finder files. The Turbo Tax download application, was in applications, but no .tax2019 in documents.

I did the search window in the Finder window, and up comes five files .tex2019, that can not be seen anywhere on the computer, that I could see.

OK, I open my email, on old computer, same email on new computer, and try an attachment of one of the files I see. The Attach window does not see those files. What do do now. OK, I drag one of the files to my email, it goes into a attachment window, I send it to myself.

Turn on new computer, open email, download file, put it in documents, open TurboTax, go to the transfer window, click on the .tax2019 selection, the documents window came up, I selected the .tax2019, file, and TurboTax transferred the 2019 into my 2020 tax file. YA YA YA.

Do not know why the 2019 Tax files never showed up in my documents folder, all the other years had a file there?

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