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Returning Member

Intuit doesn't give a **bleep** about you

I thought this software was so great but it's awful.

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Level 15

Intuit doesn't give a **bleep** about you

If you post a question or describe your problem someone should be able to help you.

Level 15

Intuit doesn't give a **bleep** about you


User has started 5 threads on the same issue.


If you can't find evidence of a 2018 return you started, that is likely due to multiple accounts.    DoninGA and I have both explained how to find it:


Please follow the steps in these 2 threads of yours:


Returning Member

Intuit doesn't give a **bleep** about you

I apologize for freaking out. I worked really hard on this return and it's been messed up now. I am going to start over from the beginning and redo everything. I'm not happy about it.

It's not that the information is actually gone. What's happening is it's showing a wildly incorrect amount for both federal and state. Maybe it's my fault -- maybe the last time I worked on this (a month ago?) I changed an amount intending to redo it and I never put in the right amount.


I am extremely frustrated by the way the web version of the software works because I can't just view individual forms. There is this way you can do it where you print things but it's laborious. I can't determine which piece of data is wrong because it's essentially all invisible in some place I can't see.

I will be redoing the return from the beginning because I have no way of knowing what's wrong or where. It's annoying but it's the only thing I can do.

Level 15

Intuit doesn't give a **bleep** about you

Have you used the Desktop program before?  If you have a full Windows or Mac you can switch.  The Desktop program is better and lets you see the forms.  


If you already started in the Online version you can move your return to the Desktop program even without paying for Online.  If you already paid for the Online version you can contact them to give you the program download.  


First download the .tax2018 file from the Online version,


Then see, How to Switch to Desktop,



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