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New Member

How do I manually change the amount on line 18 of Sch SE-T?

My return is married filed jointly.  And there are 2 Sch SE-T.  On one I put a number in box 18 and the other I put a "0" in box 18 during the review.  Now I want to put "0" in both of them.  How do i do that?
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Returning Member

How do I manually change the amount on line 18 of Sch SE-T?

There are two ways. 

The first is two click on the Forms icon in the top right corner.  Then find and select Sch SE-T and manually change line 18.  Then choose the step by step icon in the top right corner and it will take you back to the step by step question and answer.


The second way is to delete that section and redo it using the step by step.


Hope this helps.



New Member

How do I manually change the amount on line 18 of Sch SE-T?

I'm using turbotax online.  I'm not sure if that's my problem, but there isn't a forms icon in the upper right of the screen.  Also when I go to the section that asks about deferred tax payments there isn't an option to delete the section.

Expert Alumni

How do I manually change the amount on line 18 of Sch SE-T?

To get past this screen so you can file your taxes, you need to update Schedule SE-T. 


The process: delete Sch SE-T, take a quick run through of the self-employment to recalculate Sch SE-T, and then turn off the Max Deferral. 


To do this in TurboTax, follow these steps: 


First, delete Sch SE-T that applies by following these steps: 

  1. From the left menu, select Tax Tools. 

  2. Select Tools. 

  3. Scroll to Delete a Form. 

  4. Scroll to Sch SE-T, select Delete, confirm the deletion. 

Next, to replace Sch SE-T, return to the self-employment income & expenses interview in the Income & Expenses section and select Edit/Add. 

  1. Select Edit for your business. 

  2. Scroll down to Done so that the Sch SE is recalculated.  

  3. Finish any other questions in the self-employment interview and click Continue.  

Lastly, revisit the section for the Self-employment tax deferral entry: 

  1. Return to the Deductions & Credits section. 

  2. Scroll to Tax relief related to COVID-19 and Show More. 

  3. Select Self-employment tax deferral and select Revisit. 

  4. Answer Yes at the next screen to get back to Let's start by getting your eligible income. 

    1. If you do not want to defer any self-employment income, "Enter your eligible self-employment income" should be blank. 

      1. Select Continue. 

    2. At Tell us how much you'd like to defer, "Enter amount" should be blank. 

      1. Select Continue. 

  5. Scroll down and select Wrap up Tax Breaks and Continue. 

  6. Run through the Federal Review again. 

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