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How can I find the extension that I filed?

I filed an extension request in April through TT. A direct debit was made by the IRS from my checking account as a result of that extension request. 

I just received a notice from the IRS with a whopping penalty + interest for "failure to file". It appears, according to EFPTS, that the payment I made with the extension in April was applied to tax period 2023! I don't know how that happened, so I really need to see my extension request form. Where can I find it?

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How can I find the extension that I filed?

Other people have reported that too.  Seems the IRS had a glitch and applied the payment as an estimated payment for 2023.  It wasn't your fault.  Call the IRS and tell them.  I'm looking for the prior posts.  


Print the Extension form 4868

How can I find the extension that I filed?

Look at the IRS receipt for the online payment you made ... did you accidentally pay the first quarter 2023 estimated payment by mistake instead of the extension payment?   If so you will have to contact the IRS to get this error fixed if possible. 

How can I find the extension that I filed?

It looks like I have proof that the extension was processed. The EFPTS has my payment with the following description:

the correct payment amount

the correct payment date

the payment status is Settled

the tax type is Extension

the tax period is 2023


So they did recognize the payment as an extension, but somehow they applied it to 2023 instead of 2022.  I can't find my form 4868 in TT so I probably filed the extension through EFPTS. I may have typed in 2023 by mistake. It should have not been accepted because why would anyone possibly be requesting an extension for tax year 2023 last April?? So I'm guessing that that mistake caused them not to recognize the extension. I hope they don't give me a problem on the phone tomorrow.


And there is an added complication. I filed my return five weeks ago. Shortly after, it was accepted. That return, of course, includes the extension payment. The status of that return, according to the IRS site, is "being processed". 

What a mess.



How can I find the extension that I filed?

I just finished speaking with a representative. She moved the payment from the 2023 extension to my 2022 tax return. She said to expect a refund because the 2023 extension payment was more than the 8K that I owed. Of course the penalty and interest are being nullified.
Nothing is certain of course until I get that refund. I will come back to this thread when that happens.
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