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2023 Taxes

I have been having my taxes prepared by the same company for 15+ years.


This year they tripled the cost without warning.


Trying to speak to a TurboTax representative has been an absolute failure. Can't get past Virtual Assistant online or on the phone.


Is it even possible to talk to a human at TurboTax?

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2023 Taxes

Do you need to prepare and file your tax return(s) for the 2022 tax year?


You can simply select LIVE Assisted or LIVE Full Service from the site below.



2023 Taxes

No one will be preparing or filing a 2023 tax return until next year in 2024.   Or....are you actually asking about filing a 2022 return that should be filed during 2023?


What do you need?  Information about using TurboTax?   Phone support/customer support is only available if you are paying to use TurboTax.  Otherwise you can post questions here in the user forum and we will try to answer your questions or provide links to the information you want.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

2023 Taxes

CD/DOWNLOAD (This requires a full PC or Mac—-cannot be used on a mobile device)




You can also purchase the CD/download from various retailers such as Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Sam’s Club, etc. etc. etc.


This link Where can I obtain authentic TurboTax software? has a list of authorized TurboTax resellers.


When you use desktop software, there is an additional fee to e-file a state return.  You can avoid that fee if you print, sign and mail the state return.  The state e-file fee is $20 and increases to $25 in March.






















**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

2023 Taxes

I would like to talk to someone about 2023 taxes for next year. It is basically an interview.

We have had ours done by the same person for going on two decades and it's time for a change.

Would like to briefly discuss our tax situation with someone and see if TurboTax is a fit or if we need to keep looking. 

I don't think we have anything too complicated, but it's not straight up either. 

2023 Taxes

The link below is a FAQ for Full Service.




Beyond the questions posed and answered in the FAQ, you're probably not going to get much more out of calling Customer Service. Of course, you can give that a shot, but that's about extent of the repository of knowledge with respect to the services offered.

2023 Taxes

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. As for customer service, I was not successful getting past the virtual assistants for online or the phone.  One says to use the other, but both stop you dead in your tracks before allowing a human on. I don't know what I could have done differently.


The search for a Tax Service goes on...


Thanks again.

2023 Taxes

Turbo Tax is a Do it yourself program, it's self prepared.  Unless you sign up for the Full service or LIVE versions.   No one can help you for 2023 until the 2023 programs open.   The Desktop CD/Download program comes out in November and the Online versions open in December.   And phone support won't help unless you are using a paid version.  

Try asking you questions here now.  We can probably tell you what version you would need.  Here are some differences between Online and Desktop.  The links are for the 2022 versions.

The Online web version is only good for one account and one return. You can log in and access your return from any computer. You only can see the forms after you pay and download the pdf. And you might need to upgrade to a higher version to enter different kinds of income. There are 4 Online versions. And you can add LIVE service or Full Service for expert help. In Online the fees are to prepare the federal and state returns (State is a separate charge) whether you efile or print and mail. Efiling is free and included.


You can see the prices and start an Online return here, 



The CD/Download Desktop you buy and install the program, which can do unlimited returns. The returns are only saved on your computer and can not be accessed from anywhere else. And not saved at Turbo Tax. So Be sure to save Frequently and make backups. You get 5 federal efile for free. In Deluxe and above you get 1 state PROGRAM download to prepare unlimited state returns (in that state). Each state return including the first one is $20 early or $25 to efile or you can print and mail the state for free. The Desktop programs do not have the expert help that is available to add to Online versions.


Desktop also has many other features and advantages over the Online version. You can do more than 1 return. You can see and enter into the actual forms. It has a What-If worksheet. And you can use a lower version because all the Desktop versions have ALL the same forms. You just get more help in the higher versions. In online you have to upgrade to enter certain kinds of income. Like Premier for investments.

And the Desktop program is always available even after the year ends. Which is good if you ever need to amend your return after online website is closed or get audited and need your tax records.


You can buy the Desktop CD/Download program here,



2023 Taxes

If you paid the same price for 15+ years, that's a lot of inflation built up and it finally popped.

Do-it-your self tax software, like turbotax and the others, is no longer  cheap and has been going up in price.

Expect higher cost for 2023. 


2023 Taxes

There is no service like that currently but I do remember hearing a rumor that Intuit plans to offer a tax planning service later this year.  

I googled it and it looks like they are training Intuit professional accountants on the new product.  Nothing about it being available for TurboTax




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