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I worked for someone I'm not self enployed

So how do I file
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Level 15

I worked for someone I'm not self enployed

Q. I worked for someone I'm not self employed. So how do I file?

A. You file as self employed.


Although it may be news to you that you “have a business” (and most of the other people who get their first 1099); The IRS considers anything on a form 1099-NEC to be self employment income. Enter the 1099 income, at Other Common income / income from a 1099-NEC . TurboTax (TT) will complete Schedule C  for you and allow you to deduct any expenses associated with this income. You'll also have to pay self employment tax (social security & Medicare) on any profits greater than $432. These types of payments are frequently done this way. Your "employer" is not the only one.

The IRS also considers undocumented cash income (no W-2 or 1099), for work performed, to be self employment income.



Level 15

I worked for someone I'm not self enployed

The IRS considers you to to be self-employed if you worked as an independent contractor and were paid by someone who did not withhold any  taxes, Social Security or Medicare from your pay.   If you qualify to use it, you can switch to a software version called Free File instead of the expensive online Self-Employed software.   You have to be able to prepare a schedule C for your business income and you will be paying self-employment tax.



Try Free File: 

You qualify if your income was $39,000 or less, or $72,000 or less if active duty military, or if you qualify for Earned Income Credit



Or—-Use this IRS site for other ways to file for free


**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

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