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Can i add charitable donations after filing?

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Can i add charitable donations after filing?


Can i add charitable donations after filing?

In addition, the donations would only count if you are able to itemize deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A.  If the addition of your donations give you enough total deductions that you would be able to itemize, you could prepare an amended return Form 1040X.   As part of the amending process, if you are using Free Edition, you'd need to upgrade to Deluxe to itemize deductions, which would trigger a 39.99 fee for Federal and possibly 36.99 for State as well.

But if you have enough total deductions including the donations, and other Schedule A-type deductions, you can amend the return if it's beneficial to you.

Can i add charitable donations after filing?

As TurboTaxLina pointed out below, you didn't say if your efiled return has been accepted or rejected.  The scenario I described above is for an accepted return, which may have assumed too much.   If your efiled return is rejected, then you can just make any changes and resubmit.     So it's first necessary to know if the efiled return was accepted or rejected, in order for you to make a decision on how to proceed.    See the full answer that @TurboTaxLina provided you below.
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Can i add charitable donations after filing?

If you have submitted your return, you cannot add any information on your tax return.  As superuser epo39b indicated, you would only benefit from the donations if you have enough to itemize on a Schedule A.  

You have two options: 

If your return got rejected for any reasons, you can return to the program/account to make changes along with other changes.  You do not need an amendment 1040-X.

If your return has been accepted, please see the following :

You will have to amend your return by filing a Form 1040X.  You should not try to amend your return until it has been fully processed and you have received your refund or your payment has cleared.  As you walk through the amendment process in the program, i f the charitable information does not change the result of your refund or amount owed to IRS, you do not need to file an amendment.  

Amended returns do not “catch up” to your original return and replace them;  they are processed as two separate returns.  

Amended returns have to be printed and filed by mail.  It can take the IRS up to 12 weeks or longer to process them.   If you are due a larger refund than on your original return, your amended return should only show the difference and you will receive a separate check for it.  If you owe money on your amended return, it will show only the new amount owed, you will have to mail a check with the return. 

TurboTax Online has not yet opened up the amendment process for 2017.   Please come back for the updates 



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