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Returning Member

Your Principal Residence Information CA Form 540

I am attempting to e-file my CA return, but it was rejected for the reason that I entered "Los Angeles County" in the county field instead of "Los Angeles". The description of error reads:


"California, Your Principal Residence Information, County field is invalid. County field is case sensitive (uppercase for the first letter, lower case for the rest) and only accepts from a specific list. Examples of valid County entries are "Alameda, Alpine, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Trinity, Ventura", etc."


And this is what I need to do in order to fix it:


"Option 1: On the "Your Principal Residence Information" page, update the County field to a valid county name. County name is case sensitive and needs to have uppercase for the first letter and lower case for the rest. Ex: Alameda, Alpine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz. Make the appropriate change and re-submit this return electronically."


I cannot seem to find the "your principal residence information" page. When I go to the personal information section there is no way to change county information. Is there a way to fix this?

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Expert Alumni

Your Principal Residence Information CA Form 540

You would have to make the change in the state program, not the federal section of TurboTax. The question is normally at the beginning of the questions in your state program, but can sometimes be hard to find. As a last resort, you can delete the state return and enter the information again and you should see the question.

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New Member

Your Principal Residence Information CA Form 540

I got you pal. I was literally just having the same issue. Go to the “state” section. Then there will be three options. “Prepare state” “your state returns” and “state review”. Click “your state returns” then hit “start over”. Then hit “go to my california return”.  Then edit the “General info” section and make sure the county is correct. Hope this helps

Returning Member

Your Principal Residence Information CA Form 540

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately when I edit the "general info" section it doesn't let me make any adjustments to the principal residence section. It just walks through my healthcare for the year and takes me back to the starting page. I think it might not be letting me change anything because I already filed my federal return. I'm probably just going to file my state return with a different service at this point. Thanks again though.

Expert Alumni

Your Principal Residence Information CA Form 540

You can get back to this screen to reenter the county in TurboTax by following the steps below:

  1. Click on State on the left column. 
  2. Confirm that a resident return in the State of California is being filed. 
  3. Click continue.
  4. Answer the questions about your 2019 filing.
  5. On the next screen, titled Your Principal Residence, enter your county of residence.

As you stated in your original post, the first letter of every word should be capitalized and you should only type the name of the county. 


Once the county is entered correctly, you can refile your return. 





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