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Miscellaneous California Adjustments



I could get a tax benefit for $300 charitable contributions that increased my federal standard deduction.


However, the section "Other California Adjustments to Income" says that "Enter any adjustments to your federal amounts below. If California doesn't allow as much of a deduction as in your federal return, enter it as a "Subtraction". If California allows a bigger deduction than your federal amount, enter that amount as an "Addition". We have already determined your adjustment for the Charitable Contributions increasing federal standard deduction. No further adjustment is necessary."


Turbotax has already posted subtraction 300 (I can't edit this section).

My question is if I need to leave the "Addition" section as blank?


Or, if I donated $3000 in 2020, can I enter $2700 in Addition?


Thank you in advance.

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Expert Alumni

Miscellaneous California Adjustments

Even if you don't itemize your deductions, you should enter your full contributions made on the federal side of your return. This way, if you are eligible for the full contribution credit on the California side, you won't have to make any manual additions/subtractions. 


Please follow these instructions to enter your contributions:

  1. Open your return.
  2. Search donations.
  3. Select the Jump to donations link.
  4. Answer yes to the question Did you make any donations to charity in 2020? 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Reopen your California return. 
  7. Your contributions should be deducted if you are eligible for the deduction. 
New Member

Miscellaneous California Adjustments

I have the same issue, and my state file keeps getting rejected.  The worksheet on line 21 picks up the $300 from the 1040, and the full contributions are shown in Part II. I'm unclear where I need to adjust sot that the state will accept.  The only user available box is column C of line 21.

Intuit Alumni

Miscellaneous California Adjustments

Some of you have noticed an issue where your return has been in a pending status multiple days. This pending status means we noticed an issue that may have caused your return to be rejected and are doing an extra review to assess the reason it was flagged, resolve it for you, or identify what you need to do to ensure everything is accurate and your return is accepted.  If this applies to you, we will be sending you an email within 48 hours with confirmation that your return has been filed, or instructions for any additional steps that need to be taken to ensure an accurate return is filed, accepted, and you receive every dollar you deserve. We apologize again this has caused a delay in receiving your refund.

Level 1

Miscellaneous California Adjustments

None of the answers actually answer the original question which is "if I donated $3000 in 2020, can I enter $2700 in Addition?"
This particular screen is very confusing. I too have this question, It would be really helpful if someone can answer it in yes/no and the reason explaining it?

Expert Alumni

Miscellaneous California Adjustments

You should not have to.  The adjustment from your federal input should pull into your state return.  The $300 adjustment will be adjusted automatically in the program.


As far has having $3,000 in donations, you should have entered this in the federal interview section as mentioned by LenaH.  Your input here will pull into the state tax return.

  1. Select Deductions & Credits
  2. Scroll down to All Tax Breaks and select Charitable Donations
  3. Select Start to the right of Donations to Charity in 2020
  4. Proceed to enter the details of your charitable cash contribution by entity as applicable in this section.
  5. Once you have completed entering your details, select Done with Charitable Donations

Entering donations in TurboTax


If you enter you information as outlined above, your state return should not need any adjustments.


If you are still having issues, I recommend contacting us using the link below so an agent can review your input with you to ensure it is being pulled in correctly.


Contact TurboTax





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