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double charging for state forms

I had my return almost prepared on my laptop when the laptop display failed.  So I had to install the program from CD anew on my desktop.  I got through that very annoying process after five erroneous loads (the thing was refusing to show me the activation screen--it was just a blank white screen), but then when I finally got into the program it told me I had to download the state forms (of course).  I file in 3 states.  (I note I had the TurboTax file on my cloud account, so I had opened it from there.  So the program ITSELF told me I had to download the states I had already paid for.)   It downloaded my home state, and then when I went to download the other two (which are already part of my return) it's trying to charge me $49 for each one.  I purchased those last March, so why is it charging me again?   How do I get those forms activated without paying the fees a second time?

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Level 7

double charging for state forms

You can contact the helpdesk, explain the situation, and ask them to push a copy of each state to your account.  They will be able to see that you paid.  If you had paid twice for the same state, they would refund your second payment.

Level 15

double charging for state forms

Here's the FAQ page, from which you can get a telephone number to call TTX Customer Support.


You can only get a telephone number when they are open.....(that changes so check the FAQ for their hours....used to be  only weekdays , but seems to indicate 7 days, 5-9PM Pacific time now...not sure I believe they are really open weekends, but you can go thru the FAQ process to check)


What is the TurboTax phone number? (

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