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Level 20

Program Updates

TurboTax updated the 2018 software on 09/25 to Release 48.  That release has not been reflected in the support FAQ at this time.  

Level 20

Program Updates

Almost all updates to the program after April have to do with "housekeeping or technical issues" and do not affect the returns themselves ... however as a precaution you should : 


1) shut off automatic updates once you have filed the return


2) always save a copy of the return and add the current date to the name file ... so if you have to ever return to a prior version you can ....  for example JohnSmithReturnAsOf..10/6/19   or 4/15/19 ...ALSO keep a copy of the .taxfile & PDF on a separate storage medium like a thumb drive in case your computer dies


3) only update the program when step 2 is complete

Level 6

Program Updates

Now you tell us. <g>


I did all of those except # 1.  I do have copies of the filed .tax2018 and pdfs produced at the time of filing.


I did not turn off automatic updates.  So one of the recent updates (not sure which since the relevant change is not reported in the notes) changed the return so it reports a different tax bill.  The interesting thing is the program change which affected our return was apparently a correction of an IRS error in one of their worksheets. 


If automatic updates were turned off, I would not know about this correction.  I am not sure whether it is a good idea to turn automatic updates off.  The update could be a correction of an IRS error or Turbo Tax error.  I might well want to know about either.  Maybe the only way to protect against this is to keep a copy of the program as it existed at the time of filing - in addition to the taxfile and pdfs.

Level 2

Program Updates

Turbo tax used to have excellent support.  Not I cannot access the program because it needs to be updated.  However, the update won't launch.  I am doing work on 2 fast applications and dead in the water.  Scholarship and college applications cannot be processed now because were waiting to complete the fast form.  Turbo Tax has become an impediment.

Level 20

Program Updates


This is mainly a user community forum, not a direct route to Customer Support (we can tell you how to phone them if necessary).   


You're posting in the middle of a cluttered old thread with at least 5 other users, so it might get confusing here.   Usually it's best to start one's own new thread to keep things straight and attention is focused on your issue.


I assume you are using installed desktop software (CD/download) since you mentioned an "update".  However, since the word "online" is in your screen name, that makes it a bit confusing as to which product you are using. 


 You'll need to explain more so folks will  understand what you are doing and experiencing.   Please describe what you mean by "the update won't launch."   When you start your TurboTax software, does it tell you an update is available, and when you click to download and install the update, nothing happens?   


Also, what desktop software and OS are you using--TurboTax for Windows PC, or TurboTax for Mac?

Level 19

Program Updates

a lot of things have been broken for months.   the notification icon doesn't always work,   i don't get emails  of questions or replies to my verified email address.   coming here to answer questions is a real pain because I have to go thru multiple links to get to each question to open.