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How can I pull my W2 from here?

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How can I pull my W2 from here?

TurboTax does not have a copy of your W-2—the Wage & Tax Statement—issued to you by your employer, (nor does TurboTax have copies of your 1099’s).   You should always save those documents for your own records. You could ask the employer(s) for copies or you can get a copy from Social Security (for a fee of $86).

If you saved a pdf of your completed tax return, the worksheets will show the W-2 information you entered, but not the actual W-2.

To get a copy of a W-2 from Social Security


You can get a wage and income transcript from the IRS:  It will not show the actual W-2, 1099’s, etc, but will show the income information the IRS received.  It will not, however, show your state information. It will only show the federal information.

Level 20

How can I pull my W2 from here?

Or---are you asking how or if you can import your 2018 W-2 in order to prepare your return?


Your W-2 comes from your employer.  Employers have until January 31 to issue your W-2.  Some employers are partnered with TT to allow you to import your W-2 in to your tax return.  You do need some information from the actual W-2 in order to do the import.   Do not file a tax return unless ALL of your W-2’s have been entered on the SAME tax return.



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