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TurboTax FAQ
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How do I connect with a tax expert in TurboTax Live?

It’s easy to get help with TurboTax Live.

As you prepare your taxes, you can quickly connect with one of our credentialed tax experts using one-way video or phone. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Expert Help icon in the top right.
  2. Enter your question or topic area.
  3. Select Set up a call.
  4. For a callback, enter your info and select Confirm my call. To schedule a call for a specific day and time, select Book a call and follow the prompts.

SmartLook™ option

When talking to an expert, you’ll have the option to get guidance right on your screen with SmartLook. You can see the live expert (they can’t see you) as they guide you by drawing on your screen and providing the answers you need to file confidently. (Available on a computer and in the TurboTax mobile app; not available when using a web browser on a mobile phone or device.)

Who will answer my questions along the way? Who will review my return?

You'll connect with a tax expert who knows your unique situation. Our dedicated tax experts include CPAs (certified public accountants) and EAs (enrolled agents) who have 10 years average experience.

How often can I contact a tax expert?

You can connect with a tax expert as often as you like while preparing your taxes.

Can I talk to the same tax expert each time I call?

When you speak to a tax expert on a specific issue or question, they take notes during your call in case you have follow-up questions. So although you can't make an appointment with a specific person, the next tax expert you speak to will have reviewed any previous notes and can pick it up from there.

When you request a review of your return: You'll be in contact with the same tax expert who reviews your return for any followup questions.

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