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Notification from IRS

In earlier years I always had a refund, but this year,  I paid extra in April.   Will I get a notification from the IRS that my tax return has been processed and fully accepted?    I e-filed via Turbotax on April 15th and did get an acceptance of the e-file, however, I had expected to receive a final notice already.  in the meantime, I created an ID.me account and downloaded my tax transcripts;  they state that my return was already processed on May 8th.  So,  the IRS will not send a final notice?



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Notification from IRS

You mean you had a tax due?  No you don't get anything from the IRS.  The efile Accepted email is all.  Unless you don't pay the tax due, then the IRS will send you a bill in the mail.   Your only proof is your bank statement or credit card showing the payment.  You already have proof your return was processed.  

Notification from IRS

Thanks Volvogirl.


As mentioned, this is my first time in this situation (no refund).  Also,  the only way I found out that my return was processed is because I downloaded the tax transcripts via ID.me.  Otherwise,  I would have had no information.


Notification from IRS

As additional information,  I did also check via "Where's my refund?".   After prompting,  I understood that I should fill in "$1" for the refund in case of no refund.   

The system then responds that my tax return is "still being processed",  in contrast to the transcript which says it was already processed on May 8th,  3.5 months ago.

Notification from IRS

if you e-file through Turbotax you should have gotten 2 e-mails. the first would say submitted and the second would say accepted. The IRS sends nothing. did you look in your spam folder though with some e-mail accounts unread "spam" is deleted after a certain number of days. 

Notification from IRS

@HarrieNY Sounds like this was the first time you had to pay tax due to the IRS, and just were inexperienced and had an unrealistic expectation.  The IRS does not thank you for paying, or send you a notice to tell you they got your payment.   They simply process your return and your payment.   Your proof that you paid will be your own bank or credit card record, when you see that the payment cleared.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

Notification from IRS

Thanks Mike


Yes, I did get the messages from Turbotax after e-filing.   From your 2 responses I understand that the IRS will not send any notification that a return was approved.  And I understand there is also no obvious way to check the status of your return if you are not due a refund.   


So, a tax payer could still be expecting a rejection/extra tax bill 1 year later while in reality their return was processed and approved within 3 weeks, like in my case.....






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