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Need proof that IRS claim has been filed. Did I even need to file?

In May, I completed my return, owed neither federal nor state tax (0 for both). Since I had problems with TurboTax, I paid $110 and an additional $50 for expert help. When that action was completed, I received notification that both my federal and state returns had been submitted. I have written Turbotax twice for verification that the returns were submitted. I received nothing. Since I owe 0 for both state and federal I am not even certain that a return was mandatory. Help!!
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Level 15

Need proof that IRS claim has been filed. Did I even need to file?

Did you e-file?  Did you click a big orange button that said “Transmit my returns now?”


When you e-file your federal return you will receive two emails from TurboTax.  The first one will say that your return was submitted.  The second email will tell you if your federal return was accepted or rejected.  If you e-filed a state return, there will be a third email to tell you if the state accepted or rejected your state return.


First, check your e-file status to see if your return was accepted:

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
Level 15

Need proof that IRS claim has been filed. Did I even need to file?

If you had the returns done for you then you used a third party preparer who used THEIR tax program to file the returns as required by tax laws.  They are the ones who would have sent notification the returns were filed and they are the ones you need to talk to about proof of filing ... for the feds it is a form 9325. 


And just because you don't owe or get a refund on the returns doesn't mean you didn't need to file a return.  Review the returns that were filed ... was there any income at all ?   Maybe stock sales on a Sch D? 

Level 15

Need proof that IRS claim has been filed. Did I even need to file?

that you owed $0 is not the criteria for determining whether you need to file. it based on gross income and filing status

Chart A—For Most People
THEN file a return if your grossincome was at least . . .
under 65 - $12,400

 65 or older $14,050
Married filing jointly***
under 65  - $24,800

both spouses 65 or older  - $27,400

one spouse 65 or older  - $26,100

Married filing separately any age $5
Head of household
under 65 - $18,650

65 or older - $20,300
Qualifying widow(er)
under 65 - $24,800

65 or older $26,100


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