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IRS Request 1040

Hello! My name is Niara, after filing my taxes through Turbo Tax it made me go through and have to put in information from my 2017 tax return that I did not have access to. I ended up having to go onto the IRS website to try to request a transcript, but then I received an order confirmation  from Turbo Tax through email. Is everything finalized with my tax returns? Is there a way for someone to check and make sure?

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IRS Request 1040

An order confirmation showing that you paid your TurboTax fees does not mean your tax return was filed.  That only means you paid TT.  If you did not enter the correct 2017 AGI then you could not have e-filed your 2018 tax return--it would be rejected by the IRS.  

No one can check for you--no one has access to your tax return or account.

To check your e-file status


If you are still trying to e-file and now have your 2017 AGI:


If you filed 2017 late or amended then you might need to try using zero instead of the AGI.  If neither one of those work, then you need to print, sign and mail your 2018 return.

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