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I need to amend my taxes. I received an IRS letter for the following: Recovery Rebate Credit.

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I need to amend my taxes. I received an IRS letter for the following: Recovery Rebate Credit.

What was wrong with it?  

You don't need to amend for that.  There's nothing you need to do or change.  It won't change the adjusted refund.  


Did you not get the 3rd Stimulus payment?  Or qualify for more?  Line 30 is only if you didn't get the full amount or qualify for more.  The IRS shows they already sent it to you.


A lot of people forgot they got the deposit last March - May 2021.  Or missed one payment and entered the wrong amount.  Then when the IRS reduces their refund and they check their bank accounts they have been finding the payments.


Double check your bank statements and Check your IRS account (both accounts if married)

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I need to amend my taxes. I received an IRS letter for the following: Recovery Rebate Credit.

I've seen numerous replies to this type of posting. Many of the replies, like this one, assumes error on the part of the filer. I can tell you that I firmly believe I input correctly the amount of stimulus money we received, TurboTax said we were entitled to a credit of $1000, we of course said yes, we'd like to take it, and then we also received a letter (Form CP11) from the IRS saying there was an error on our return and we owed an additional $1000. Of course there's one way to easily find out if I really did put the correct amount of stimulus dollars into TurboTax, but TurboTax agents, including the Escalation Department, will not look back in the system re: my filing and return. Why? I don't know. But one should not automatically assume error on the part of the filer until evidence shows that. 

I need to amend my taxes. I received an IRS letter for the following: Recovery Rebate Credit.

First ... the IRS only ACCEPTED the return for processing ... did not accept your refund amount.   Now during processing they probably corrected the return most likely for the $1400 stimulus credit.  Please look at the IRS site to see how much they actually sent ... was it $1400 short ?


If so in the program  ...  Answering No on the question asking if you received a 3rd stimulus payment means you told TurboTax that you did not receive any payments.


In that case, TurboTax would add an amount on line 30 Form 1040 because you said you never received any stimulus money  but if the IRS disagrees they would remove the credit amount AND send you a letter.  


So... if you never received a stimulus deposit or check—and the IRS records show  they paid you—then you should ask the IRS to trace your payment.  Many payments were sent and not cashed so a trace is the only option available to you.  Some were sent on debit cards that looked like junk mail and many folks thru them  in the trash.    If the payment was never cashed ONLY THEN can you send in an amended return to claim the credit and attach the findings letter with the 1040X form. 


The fastest way to initiate a trace is to contact the IRS by calling us at 800-919-9835.


You can also complete Form 3911:

  • Write "EIP3" on the top of the form to identify the payment you want to trace.
  • Complete the form answering all refund questions as they relate to your Economic Impact Payment.
  • When completing item 7 under Section 1:
    • Check the box for "Individual" as the Type of return
    • Enter "2021" as the Tax Period
    • Do not write anything for the Date Filed
  • Sign the form. If you file married filing jointly, both spouses must sign the form.

You will generally receive a response 6 weeks after we receive your request for a payment trace, but there may be delays due to limited staffing. 



I need to amend my taxes. I received an IRS letter for the following: Recovery Rebate Credit.

@ritadelight -  let me see if I can explain to you..... 


from the way you wrote, "we", you filed joint.  Did you receive Letter 6475 indicating how much you received for the stimulus?  if you filed joint, there were TWO letters and you had to add the two letters together when asked by TT, "how much did you receive for the 3rd stimulus".  if you literally copied what was on Letter 6475 from just the one letter, that mistake is what is causing the adjustment. 


is that what happened to you? 


1) how many people in your family on your tax return

2) times $1400

3) LESS what you received last year (look at your bank statements from March - May. 2021 or from LEtter 6475, but there are two if you filed joint- do not go from memory!!!)

4) is what should be on Line 30 (but not less than zero)


let me know what you find out!!!

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