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Forgot to fill in SSN on my forms.

I mailed in my forms and accidentally forgot to fill in my SSN on my Form 1040. It was on my W-2, however. Should I:


  1. File an amended return?
  2. Send in a fresh copy of my Form 1040 with the SSN filled in?
  3. Or, wait for the IRS to contact me and tell me if I need to do something?

I already got a notice back from my Indiana IRS state return saying:


"The Indian Department of Revenue records show you have recently applied for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) with the IRS. Unfortunately, DOR cannot complete the processing of your return at this time due to the lack of ITIN. Once you have received your ITIN from the IRS, you must complete the voucher below and mail it to the address listed. When DOR has received the voucher, your tax return will be processed."


But I did not apply for an ITIN. I just forgot my SSN.

Should I just re-mail everything with my SSN this time?

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Forgot to fill in SSN on my forms.

with regard to the IRS I would wait for a notice.  sending in an amended return or even a second set before the first is fully processed can cause more problems.


as for the state, there is probably a phone number on the notice.  call it and tell them you do have an SSN but omitted it by accident from the Federal return. Then ask how you should proceed.  Probably will say to file the form with your SSN. 

Level 15

Forgot to fill in SSN on my forms.

May I ask how you didn't enter your ssn?  Did you use Turbo Tax?  It wouldn't let you finish without it.

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