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Error on tranfering income from fed to state forms

Just received a letter from the state of NJ for my 2016 tax return showing an error in the amount of income reported.  The amount was correct on the Fed. but did not transfer correctly to the state.

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Error on tranfering income from fed to state forms

Most times this is due to a user entry error ... however you can put in an accuracy  claim if you believe the program was at fault ...


See this Any calculation errors on the part of TurboTax are covered under the Accurate Calculation Guarantee.  TurboTax will pay any penalties and/or interest due to a calculation error but not any taxes owed.  The Guarantee does not cover any user entry errors or omissions.


See this TurboTax support FAQ for the 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee -


TurboTax support FAQ for submitting a claim -


See this TurboTax support FAQ for documents needed to submit a claim -

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Level 15

Error on tranfering income from fed to state forms

If you want to, we can try to see if we can figure out the problem here, before you submit a claim under the accuracy guarantee. It can be difficult, since we can't see your tax returns, but we might be able to do it if you give us detailed information. Do you have printed or PDF copies of your 2016 federal and NJ tax returns? Did you use TurboTax Online or the CD/Download TurboTax software for your 2016 tax returns? If you used the CD/Download software, do you have the .tax2016 tax return data file, and do you still have the 2016 software installed?

There are a lot of different income amounts on both the federal and New Jersey tax returns. Which specific item do you think did not transfer correctly? Please give the Form and line numbers for both federal and NJ, and the exact amounts on both of those lines.

What line does the letter from NJ say is wrong? What is the exact amount on that line on your tax return, and what does the letter say the amount should be?

If W-2 wages are involved, what are the exact amounts in boxes 1 and 16 on the W-2 that you received from your employer for 2016? What is the exact amount on federal Form 1040 line 7, Form 1040A line 7, or Form 1040EZ line 1, and what is the exact amount on Form NJ-1040 line 14? It's normal for federal and NJ wages to be different.

New Jersey does not follow the federal rules for reporting income, so the income amounts on the NJ tax return are often different from the amounts on the federal tax return.

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Error on tranfering income from fed to state forms

State wages for NJ did not transfer from the Federal return, line 7. The amount comes, instead, from box 16 of your W-2.  The federal wage amount from Box 1 of your W-2 is different from your state wage amount due to the following differences in tax codes:

"The State wage amount reported in Box 16 for New Jersey consists of gross wages paid during calendar 2018 plus imputed income. Unlike Federal wages, this amount is not reduced by salary reductions for pretax health insurance coverage, pretax mass transit and parking, flexible spending account contributions, and retirement plan contributions." NJ division of Finance

Your state return is likely incorrect due to your entries.  start by looking at your W-2 Box 16 compared to the state return.  Many times, the user enters the Box 1 amount incorrectly in this state field.

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