TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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How do I submit a claim under the TurboTax 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee?

Before you submit your claim, make sure that:

  • You received an assessment notice regarding a 2015 or earlier tax return; 
  • You already paid the penalties and/or interest associated with the assessment; 
  • You double-checked your entries and you believe you entered them correctly; 
  • Your contact information is current
  • (CD/Download software) You registered your software and your program is up-to-date (CD/download versions only); and
  • You filed an amended return after we fixed the error, if we asked you to do so. (Don't worry about this part if you didn't receive these instructions from us.)

Please submit your case for review within 30 days of your penalty assessment, as we only reimburse the penalties and interest on the first notice received.

You should also respond to the IRS or state tax agency (if they requested a response) as soon as possible, per your assessment notice.