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Claiming stimulus for newborn



I did enter the details of my newborn daughter (born in September 2020) while filing 2020 returns but TurboTax didn’t include the claim for $1100 ($500 from 1st stimulus and $600 from 2nd stimulus) . I did receive the 3rd stimulus for the newborn though.

Please advise how to claim/amend to receive 1st and 2nd stimulus for the newborn.


Thanks and Regards,


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Claiming stimulus for newborn

Are you sure it was not on line 30 of your Form 1040?    When you entered your child as a dependent -- if you entered the child correctly---the software would have added that EIP amount automatically to line 30 if your 2020 income made you eligible.   Before you assume you did not get it---look at Form 1040 and see if anything is on line 30.    If nothing is there then you can amend and get the recovery rebate credit for your newborn.

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New Member

Claiming stimulus for newborn

Hello there,


I did check line 30 on my form 1040 and it blank. Though the newborn details are included as dependents.  Please advise how to go about amending the return to claim EIP for newborn.


Thanks and Regards

Expert Alumni

Claiming stimulus for newborn

Please see the link below to help you start your amended return.


Steps for amending a tax return


Once you have started it, you will need to enter the actual amounts of the stimulus payments you did receive in the section for the Recovery Rebate Credit.  This will be used to calculate the stimulus payment for your new dependent. 

  1. In the Federal section, select the Federal Review interview section at the top of the screen.
  2. This will take you to the input section for the Recovery Rebate credit.
  3. Be sure to indicate the actual amount of each stimulus payment you received on the page that asks if you received a stimulus payment. 
  4. There will be two boxes and both need to be completed.  Please enter the amount you actually received for each payment.

Updated stimulus input

Please see the attached link for more information on who can claim the credit.


Recovery Rebate Credit eligibility


Also, make sure you have your child listed as living with you for the entire year even though she was born in September to ensure you receive the full amount of the credit you are entitled to.



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Returning Member

Claiming stimulus for newborn

The issue was caused by the answer to "How many months did (newborn) live with you in 2020?" - Make sure to select "The whole year" for a child who lived with you for all of 2020 after being born. 

Expert Alumni

Claiming stimulus for newborn

Yes, @yuwill is correct. Keep in mind, the IRS has specific rules to determine who is a qualifying dependent. Having a child does not automatically qualify the parent to claim the deduction unless the parent is providing more than 50% of the baby's support. 


For more information, see: Can I claim a newborn baby?

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